A script that actually showing TS/TP docking at cap ships?

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A script that actually showing TS/TP docking at cap ships?

Post by Jiggaman » Sun, 2. Sep 07, 00:08

Is there a script out there that lets you actually see TSs and TPs at capital ships? Call me a realist, but the beam dock just doesn't do it for me. Just preference though as it gets the job done.

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Post by xerses0 » Mon, 3. Sep 07, 17:33

I think it might be possible, i dont really know tho, but it would probably have to be a mod not a script because the cap ship would probably need a freighter docking thing where the 'legs' come out. It might be possible, but could take a while, because you would need to add ai docking points or whatever to each ship. (i think!)

sorry that i dont know much lol

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Post by ouch » Tue, 4. Sep 07, 06:57

xtm allows external docking of a TS ship at TL's.
Please fix the AI Egosoft! I'm sick of losing ships(doesn't matter what class) when they fly into what they are attacking! This occurs even if the object is stationary and doesn't have any protrusions.(Like a pirate base) It's just sad, and it totally ruins the entire concept of the series!

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