Please help a complete noob

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Please help a complete noob

Post by Khronos8 » Wed, 20. Jun 07, 06:26


I want to use a few of the scripts on here, but I cant figure out how to! I downloaded the script/mod manager and used it to "install" the scripts I want, but when I go into the game there is no new functionality. For instance, I installed the script to lock/blacklist certain sectors from my UTs, but when I got in game there was no way to do this.

I also installed the script for explorer, to make remote ships jump through gates to sectors I have not explored. I need this because whenever I try to enter Empire's Edge in my ship I CTD. However, after I installed it, there were no new commands in my "navigation" section.

I also wanted to download the bonus pack, but...I bought the game from Steam, have no CD key to register, so I cannot download bonus materia (requires registration of CD key in forum profile)!!! I cant even get the components because in many cases the download link for the original script has been removed because...NOW ITS INCLUDED WITH THE BONUS PACK!! Nice catch 22 there.

So.....looking through the tutorials just tells me how to make a script...which I know I dont even want to try (trust me, I'll break the game). Can somebody please tell me how to get the scripts to work in game? and use small words?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I also tried to download the Sattelite limited UT script, it unpacked into a bunch of XML files that the mod manager didnt know what to do with, same with Mosquito Missile Defense. Any help here would be most appreciated too.

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Post by xfir01 » Wed, 20. Jun 07, 06:32

1) sounds like you need to activate the script editor in your game, see the sticky here
You need the script editor activated or most scripts wont run.
2) Not all scripts are in cycrow's mod manager format. You can do a manual install for those by moving any file starting with numbers into the ...\x3 root\t\ folder, and the rest into the \scripts\ folder, see LV's cheat sticky for a bit more info on this here (scroll down, its near the bottom)

3)iirc, they changed the rules for downloading the bonus material after they launched x3 on steam, you should be able to download it simply after registering on the forums.

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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 20. Jun 07, 14:24

the Script Packager that comes with the plugin manager will allow you to create packages that you can install by importing them from an existing archive.

however you will need to set it up to link to external programs to do it

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