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Post by dertien » Sun, 5. Aug 12, 19:29

surferx wrote:I don't know why I waited this long to use this background mod. I installed it, XTM version, and everything is Beautiful.
However, there is a problem in fog sectors. The triangles appear, basically the same issue in my game as :
Phlt wrote:
Here is the issue:

and, I have artifacts that appear as long streaks. These streaks come and go sometimes when I target another ship. Sometimes when I zoom out they go away.
I'm pretty sure the fog/clouds sectors are the only problem ones. Here's a picture:


Here are my installed script files:
Autotrader Sector Lock :: halo :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 30/05/2007
BBS Extras :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.61 :: 04/12/2006
Dock TS :: LV :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 28/01/2006
Fix Flying Wares :: eladan :: Yes :: 1.02 :: 07/11/2007
Freight Transporter Upgrade :: LV :: Yes :: 1.2 :: 03/10/2006
Increased Visibility 50 :: SlasherArcana :: Yes :: 2.0.2 :: 24/11/2006
Jumpdrive Delivery :: LV :: Yes :: 1.5 :: 10/02/2008
Overtune BBS :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.50 :: 19/06/2006
Race Response Fleets Final :: LV :: Yes :: 1.7 :: 03/12/2007
Salvage Claim Software :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.05 :: 29/06/2006
Ship Naming System :: Osiris_sam :: Yes :: 1.25 :: 04/07/2007
Turret Command Suite :: mrcann :: No :: 2.03 :: 14/10/2007
Turret OnOff Hotkey :: Klyith :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 17/03/2007
XTM .7 Terran Economics Boost :: Pyromancer :: Yes :: :: 10/08/2007
Xai Corporation Navigation Override System (NOS) :: Dr Xavia :: Yes :: X3.1.3 :: 02/04/2007
Xtended Mod Scripts :: The Xtended Team :: Yes :: 0.7.3 :: 03/09/2007

I think from reading thru 14 pages of thread that deleting the fog part of the Realspace script would correct the problem; but it is not a simple thing for those of us who don't do modding/scripting. I don't know how to do this (open the mod and delete TBackgrounds). I would hate to have to uninstall this beauty of a mod so soon. As I said I love the no-fog sectors. Could it be possible to have a mod posted somewhere without Tbackgrounds? If not I will try something else. I don't want to just give up.
[EDIT]OK I reinstalled a new X3 directory and put my XTM patch and scrtipt in and then Realspace BG over that. The artifacts "streaks" are gone, so obviously some other mod/script was not working well with Realspace BG. The polygonal fog effect is still there. That is not a killer problem like the streaks but if someone could tell me exactly how to remove TBackgrounds it would take care of the fog. If you say "open the mod" I need to know what program to open it with, for instance. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
The issue you have with the artifacts is due to the fact that you are flying the Deathclaw pirate ship. That ship and the Real backgrounds mod seem to give that problem. I tried to change the cockpit in the Tships file, No dice. So this is something we have to live with I guess. I don't know if any other ships produce these "lines" too.

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Post by Trooper170 » Thu, 14. Feb 13, 23:40

2_A Download and Download mirror links are both broken. :(
Too bad, was really hoping to install this. Been looking for a good stand alone background change that's vanilla safe.

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Post by XenonDestroyer » Mon, 25. Mar 13, 09:27

Yeah I was also hoping to get this but both files seem to be deleted or invalid. Hopefully someone with the backgrounds can re-upload it. 8)

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Post by Realspace » Sun, 31. Mar 13, 21:06

i'm sorry guys but me neither have the files anymore. if someone having them could upload and link i'd be happy to put them in the first page. i know there are several mods out there that include my mod so they still have the files for sure, try asking. i don't have any concern about it, it's only a game so be free to use my work as you wish, edit it or change, implement, whatever. only i don't give support here anymore, sorry

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Post by Realspace » Sun, 7. Apr 13, 12:55

Found the fles included in Continuum mod, polishing them and cleaning all isses such as stars flickering and incompatibility with Cockpits Mod, all done and 100% working.
This will be relased in the X3TC section. See you there :D

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Any Updates?

Post by Silencer » Tue, 20. Dec 16, 13:31

Hi All,

any updates on the possibility of someone having found this mod for X3 Reunion, possibly also compatible with XTM?
this was one of those "essential" mods...

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 20. Dec 16, 15:27

I found version 2A of the mod on my harddrive and re-uploaded it:


Mirror (mediafire.com):

I added the links to the opening posts too.
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