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Post by Schabernack » Thu, 20. Mar 08, 12:40

thanks for responce Realspace, well what i really want to achive is using your nice backgrounds without any fogs and allways the same range of sight about 80-120km.

The file i posted is the socalled nebelexmod, as you mentioned it does not add backgrounds it only changes the fogs to disapear and chnages the line of sight.

if i change in your version of the TBackground file every line like

Code: Select all

...stays the same...;30000000;30500000;100;120;120;120;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;SS_BG_number/name;
would i then exlude the fog and set theminimum sight to 100, maximum sight to 120km?

for performace as for reality reasons i want the fogs to be gone! I don't realy know what is a realistic line of sight in space but i often navigate while in the sector map, nethertheless i would want to see the cap ships on distance before i run into them ^^. Which distance balancing between performance, realism and pratical issues would you suggest in my case?
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Post by Realspace » Fri, 21. Mar 08, 12:07

1st consider this: fog is eliminated in my mod, except in some few sectors that are inside a nebula, so there the fog is heavy.

but, if you want to eliminate fog from EVERY background, I suggest you activate my mod, start the galaxy editor, edit all the backgrounds having fog and set visibility to 1000km (you have to activate the advanced features of the editor first = numpad enter, then see below). after this you have to export the TBackground file, in the editor there is a line with "export settings", click there (apparently nothing happens), then see inside the X3mainfolder/Types/ folder, there is a new TBackground.txt file. put it inside my mod and substitute the existing TBackgrounds.pck (remember to always compress it using Doubleshadow's editor). finished

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Post by Schabernack » Fri, 21. Mar 08, 12:55

thanks a lot, i will have a try
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Post by Realspace » Wed, 9. Apr 08, 15:15

I found out that unfortunally the engine use tex/true files above the dds files so my backgrounds that have improved dds file don't benefit of the new textures I made, that's why some backgrounds seem so pixelated.

it's a bit of work to correct all this and no time, sorry... but new backgrounds will be inside the Continuum Galaxy mod (http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php? ... 7&start=45), that will have a much darker space ... but I assure they will be more realistic and have much more deepness ... did I mention they are animated?:roll:

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Post by xuerebx » Tue, 3. Jun 08, 18:14

Sorry if I am not supposed to bump this thread, but I am trying to download it (the link WITHOUT the xtended mod type), and both of the links are not working. The first one just does not download, it stays showing a progressing download file, but it never downloads. And the second link I'm supposed to enter those 4 digits so I can download the file, well I always enter the 4 digits yet nothing happens, the page refreshes and I have to enter another 4 digits.
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Post by Carlo the Curious » Tue, 3. Jun 08, 19:08

Bumping script threads is (usually) okay, and encouraged - it keeps all the info on a script in one place.

Looks to me like the primary download site is busy and the other is out of bandwidth.

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Post by xuerebx » Thu, 5. Jun 08, 16:17

Ah right.

Well I have been trying but so far no luck!

EDIT: Oh it seems I downloaded it from the italian site! Finally!
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Post by surferx » Sat, 7. Jun 08, 05:34

I don't know why I waited this long to use this background mod. I installed it, XTM version, and everything is Beautiful.
However, there is a problem in fog sectors. The triangles appear, basically the same issue in my game as :
Phlt wrote:
Here is the issue:

and, I have artifacts that appear as long streaks. These streaks come and go sometimes when I target another ship. Sometimes when I zoom out they go away.
I'm pretty sure the fog/clouds sectors are the only problem ones. Here's a picture:


Here are my installed script files:
Autotrader Sector Lock :: halo :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 30/05/2007
BBS Extras :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.61 :: 04/12/2006
Dock TS :: LV :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 28/01/2006
Fix Flying Wares :: eladan :: Yes :: 1.02 :: 07/11/2007
Freight Transporter Upgrade :: LV :: Yes :: 1.2 :: 03/10/2006
Increased Visibility 50 :: SlasherArcana :: Yes :: 2.0.2 :: 24/11/2006
Jumpdrive Delivery :: LV :: Yes :: 1.5 :: 10/02/2008
Overtune BBS :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.50 :: 19/06/2006
Race Response Fleets Final :: LV :: Yes :: 1.7 :: 03/12/2007
Salvage Claim Software :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.05 :: 29/06/2006
Ship Naming System :: Osiris_sam :: Yes :: 1.25 :: 04/07/2007
Turret Command Suite :: mrcann :: No :: 2.03 :: 14/10/2007
Turret OnOff Hotkey :: Klyith :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 17/03/2007
XTM .7 Terran Economics Boost :: Pyromancer :: Yes :: :: 10/08/2007
Xai Corporation Navigation Override System (NOS) :: Dr Xavia :: Yes :: X3.1.3 :: 02/04/2007
Xtended Mod Scripts :: The Xtended Team :: Yes :: 0.7.3 :: 03/09/2007

I think from reading thru 14 pages of thread that deleting the fog part of the Realspace script would correct the problem; but it is not a simple thing for those of us who don't do modding/scripting. I don't know how to do this (open the mod and delete TBackgrounds). I would hate to have to uninstall this beauty of a mod so soon. As I said I love the no-fog sectors. Could it be possible to have a mod posted somewhere without Tbackgrounds? If not I will try something else. I don't want to just give up.
[EDIT]OK I reinstalled a new X3 directory and put my XTM patch and scrtipt in and then Realspace BG over that. The artifacts "streaks" are gone, so obviously some other mod/script was not working well with Realspace BG. The polygonal fog effect is still there. That is not a killer problem like the streaks but if someone could tell me exactly how to remove TBackgrounds it would take care of the fog. If you say "open the mod" I need to know what program to open it with, for instance. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by zwierzu » Sun, 8. Jun 08, 01:13

I have small problem too...

I downloaded version for XTM and I cannot install it...

I am changing the '10.dat' and '10.cat' files to '12.dat' and '12.cat' (my last numbers in main directory are 11.dat and .cat) but mod doesn't load...
Bah - X3 crashes when Im trying to load my savegame...

I dont know what to do, your mod is awesome and I cannot activate it...
Can someone help me?

My X3 looks like this:
-latest patch 2.5
-cockpit mod
-salvage claim software
-bail signal extension
-guildpack by Cycrow
-asteroid relocator
-factory complex constructor

P.S. Sry for bad english

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Post by Bacfe » Thu, 12. Jun 08, 04:48

Beautiful. Breathtaking, even. Almost convinced me to change my course to some astrology or cosmology one.

Now, now, I'm going to go off and see if this works good with Roguey's... after my exams are up.

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Post by Resheph » Thu, 19. Jun 08, 10:32

Hiya, Regards,
I love your mod m8 its beautiful but i got some objections.
For first,as for me, it isnt Fully Compatibile with XTM. Example: Can't jump or even enter sectors Xenon 248 and Eighteen Bilion(propobly more) - game just crashes when jumping. Is there a way to eliminate that Without reinstalling whole game, starting a new game etc etc?
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Post by A5PECT » Tue, 1. Jul 08, 21:54

I've been having the same problems with star streaking as surferx.
My scripts:

Auto Freight Scan V5 :: JMCorp :: Yes :: 5 :: 22/07/2007
Bail Signal Extension :: voxol/xfir01 :: Yes :: 2.1 :: 18/08/2007
Bounty Boost :: LV :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 03/06/2007
Camera Drone Spy :: Nividium :: Yes :: 1.00 :: 20/09/2007
Crystal Free SPP :: Anarkis Federation :: Yes :: 1.00 :: 16/08/2006
Improved Xenon :: Fallen :: Yes :: 0.95 :: 29/05/2008
LV's Cheats :: LV :: Yes :: 1.2 :: 09/04/2006
RRF 1.8alpha :: LV :: Yes :: 1.8alpha :: 28/06/2008
Remote Docked Freight Exchange :: BOF :: Yes :: 3.07 :: 13/04/2007
Salvage Claim Software :: Cycrow :: Yes :: 1.05 :: 29/06/2006
Sector Takeover :: Acrh2, DesertEagle and nirwin :: Yes :: 2.4.3 :: 20/04/2007
Super Visibility :: SlasherArcana :: Yes :: :: 19/05/2007
Xenon P - repaired textures :: halo :: Yes :: 1.0 :: 04/05/2007
Xtended Mod Scripts :: The Xtended Team :: Yes :: 0.7.3 :: 03/09/2007
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Post by VisigothX » Mon, 14. Jul 08, 18:09


This is due, I believe, to some XTM/Custom ships. For sure, the Pirate Elite and Pirate BlastClaw. Some kind of incompatibility with the models? The problem occurs both while piloting and targetting, with the elite being the worst of the two in my experience.

I never see a problem with this mod except when those two ships are around. I haven't exactly thoroughly play-tested to see if any other ships might cause this, but during play-throughs of plot mission and beyond, it's the only time I've experienced the streaking.

So, give up that BlastClaw and Elite you're flying, get into a stock ship... problem solved... for now =).

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Post by The Shadow Wolf » Mon, 14. Jul 08, 18:43

Any chance the files can be put somewhere where I don't have to be a member to download them, PLEASE :D :D :D
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Post by X2-Eliah » Thu, 24. Jul 08, 07:04

I seem to have an interesting issue with this mod (XTM-compatible version).

The thing is, whenever I move my ship in any direction, the stars on the background (not the main system star, but the small ones on the background) flicker a lot, which is really disturbing..
Is this an issue due to low resolution, system, or is it meant to be so? (Specs in signature)

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