[Script] Factory Complex Constructor [22.9.2007] [V3.21 FINAL]

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Post by spoidz » Thu, 7. Aug 08, 20:19

Mr Tibbs,

From what I've read a lot of the GFX load on complexes is the Tubes. With 130 plus I bet that's a lot of spaghetti.

You could try using this script to reduce that load. Ive used it in the past with my FCC and complex but I've no where near your fab numbers.


It's in german but it will work.

Mr Tibbs
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Post by Mr Tibbs » Fri, 8. Aug 08, 20:56

I used to have a lot of spaghetti before I used this script. That was when my complex only had about 30 stations connected to it.

Now I place all my stations of the same type into a cube of 3 along and 4 high then I just add to the next layer at the back of the complex so most of the tubes are quite tidy.

So I end up with a structure like this end on

C C C Cb Cb Cb Cr Cr Cr
C C C Cb Cb Cb Cr Cr Cr
C C C Cb Cb Cb Cr Cr Cr
C C C Cb Cb Cb Cr Cr Cr

C = Crystal Fab
Cb = Cahoona Backery
Cr = Cattle Ranch
SP = Solar Powerplant

I've got my rastar producers to the east of the crystals and the rest of my production complex (shields, weapons, missiles and misc) to the west of the cattle ranch.

The problem I encountered was dropping the station from my TL and with only a 2D view (and also pure laziness on my part) some of my stations ended up on top of each other. I can see in the pattern which the stations are that I've goofed. Just a shame my CPU doesn't seem to handle the load. I guess there's not a lot I can do until I can afford to upgrade to a nice quad core system.

Anyway I just tried that mod but it crashes X3 when I load any of my save games. I'm on the laptop atm but will try on the PC in a while and hopefully have better luck

Mr Tibbs
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Post by Mr Tibbs » Fri, 8. Aug 08, 23:11

Thanks for pointing me at that mod. It worked a treat. Managed to track down the offending stations with it off then when I used it, it cut the lag down considerably.

That crashing I experienced was because I've been using the ITS_ARG_CP_MOD_V1c to get cockpits. Had to turn it off, save then loaded it with the no tubes mod and fixed it.

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Post by jan.nico » Sun, 9. Nov 08, 08:49

I am having issues with installation, I have read through the the whole of this topic and can still not get rid of the readtext errors :( , i have tried the bugfix dl's and i have tried reinstalling the game from scratch and just this mod. Is the download in this topic the one for X3 reunion or x3 Terran conflict? any help would be greatly apreciated :)

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Post by -Dusty- » Sun, 9. Nov 08, 17:01

jan.nico wrote:I am having issues with installation, I have read through the the whole of this topic and can still not get rid of the readtext errors :(
Do you have X3: Reunion or X3: Terran Conflict? This version is for Reunion, the TC version is here.

Anyway, if you're having problems with the Reunion version: Did you install the script via the .spk file (Cycrow's Script Installer)? If yes, try to install the script manually (copy the folders "scripts" and "t" into your X3: Reunion directory). Maybe this solves the problem.

... if not: What's the exact number in the readtext error? It should look like "ReadText 8845-000".

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Post by Tritous » Sat, 2. May 09, 17:31

I am posting on the behalf of XTM-P, we are doing a bonus pack of popular scripts for XTM all bundled together and would like permission to include your (well whoever has taken over this, with it's history I doubt anyone can really claim it's theirs) script as part of the pack.

I have to say I think it's an underrated script, considering the things i've managed to do with it it's amazing there aren't more people talking about it :P would be nice to be able to include it in the pack
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German Text

Post by bluewiz1960 » Sun, 17. May 09, 20:23

I downloaded the Version 4.00 but it is missing the English Text files. Where can I get them.

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Post by barracuda231 » Mon, 10. Aug 09, 13:32


how do i activate and use the camera drones, my complex hubs are all over the place?????????

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Post by Arx » Wed, 26. Aug 09, 11:50

I have installed everything according to the readme, but it has only corrupt my save games and the "Send report" command isn't working, so I can't uninstall it. :?

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Uncomplete factories

Post by magic_ghost » Mon, 28. Sep 09, 15:13

I have a small problem, which is quite annoying.

When placing stations using the fcc build command, sometimes the station is built without being renamed and with no products or resources assigned to the station.

Has anyone experienced this problem before?
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Post by barracuda231 » Sat, 10. Oct 09, 15:47

i have a major issue with this, i have installed it and it appears to be ok. i built a few complexes but then i assigned a few of my transports it it and they started blowing up????

i would get the message:

your murcury 1 was destoyed in argon prime by your power plant complex??????

any ideas

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Advice re Connector Tubes

Post by ytene » Thu, 26. Nov 09, 13:57

Hi All,

After quite a long time I decided to get around to building some factory complexes, and from that found my way to this complex constructor. It's taking me quite a little while to get used to it, especially as the default X3:Reunion components get quite fiddly.

Here's my question... related to my setting up a complex to produce 25MW Shields.

I've identified the mix of factories that I will need in order to avoid running out of any particular item. I have a good supply of silicon and ore at hand. I began construction of my complex by first placing the Complex Hub, which after experimentation I learned is the best way to start. My plan was to place a crystal fab either side of the hub, and then grow out from there.

I placed the Crystal fab, used the FCC to position it so that the 'construction nodes' lined up perfectly with the hub, then instructed my TL to deploy the construction kit. What I got was unexpected and rather strange... In short I have a connection as expected - perfect length and perfect alignment. HOWEVER, the connector is actually 3 large segments of tubing, not the single segment I needed, and as a result the two "spare" segments are folded out from my enjoined factories at a weird angle. I have tried adding a couple of additional factories and I have exactly the same problem.

The result is horrendously ugly.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing and come up with a solution. I've been reading through this thread, and so far the best I can come up with is to either use the mod that makes all the tubing invisible, or to build the complex in some dark corner of the sector and then move my factories out of it, one by one, bringing them back to the centre of the sector and leaving the ugly tubing behind, or do away with the idea altogether and go back to having a collection of discrete factories and ships.

I would really appreciate the community's advice on the best approach. I am happy to post images or send save files if anyone is interested enough to take a look.

Many thanks in advance.

As an aside, do you think there is any chance that we could encourage Egosoft to have one more go at an X-Game, but in this one [along with other enhancements] have a really sophisticated complex designer module, and to configure individual factories so that they could be plugged together as nodes in a slightly simpler manner? I'm actualy quite surprised that a game as sophisticated and graphically beautiful as X3 has such a clumsy complex construction method. Ah well.

Any help offered would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,


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Post by Kittani » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 07:28

Nice script... it's a shame I can;t use much of it... no tractor beam and It's going to be a long time before I can find one as I haven;t barely left Argon space yet... think you could add something to the script to make tractor beams available at equipment docks? I mean I have to restart now because of one misplaced station that I have no way of moving now because I don't have the beam. :(

oh well... was going to be grand... now I'll spend the money on my fleet instead i guess till I find a tractor beam. Honestly it seems player complexes were kind of an afterthought anyways, as the interface for placing them vanilla is so cumbersome. X4, maybey?


Fixed the issue myself..

Go into script editor... New Script

Add Codes:

Trade Commands -> For Stations ->
RefObj add product to factory or dock: VAR
Ref object is THIS->
VAR is Ware -> Tractorbeam

Trade Commands ->
RetVar/IF RefObj add VarNumber units of VarWare
RetVar/IF is None (=)
RefObj is THIS->
VarNumber is 2
VarWare is Tractorbeam

Save and execute the script.
Select the station...
Voila! the station now carries and has tractor beams in stock.
Problem Solved.

Hope that helps anyone who can't find them in vanilla, or is otherwise unable to get them.
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Camera drones

Post by Revnge_SevnFold » Wed, 20. Apr 11, 08:31

Anyone know how to access the drones? Got "plus" version but no drones appear when I unlock a station. :?

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Post by NetHawk » Fri, 6. May 11, 12:31

Thanks for this script, it's perfect, been building a couple complexes with it :D
Anyone know how to access the drones? Got "plus" version but no drones appear when I unlock a station.
The drones should appear automatically. It did happen that for "some" stations they don't appear even for me, don't know why exactly.
Try again, maybe it will show up :D

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