[UPDATE] A few SW ships... and a couple of ST ones too [01-11-2009]

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Post by MarkusXL » Thu, 25. Mar 10, 18:00

Firstly - make BACKUP FOLDERS of your favorite working game in-progress, plus the save game files.

Launch Plugin Manager and make sure the pathnames are correct under Settings.

Install the ship - it should be "Enabled" in the list of installed ships.

Use Mod Manager to inspect the contents of Plugin Manager.cat, which should be in the \mod folder of your working game folder.

It won't contain much, but make note of it.

Then, go into the main game folder, and inspect the contents of the highest numbered CAT file. It should contain all the "parts" and scene files of the ships you have installed.

If it does, those ships should be listed when you use LV Cheat "Create Ship".

If not, there is something "bad" with the pathnames in Setting or the TShips file. I would suggest making a brand new plain Vanilla install, patching it up to 2.5, and making a clean backup of that, and trying again.

IT SHOULD WORK! And in Vanilla, they should even show up in the appropriate shipyards available for sale in-game.

I have over 30 custom ships installed with XTM and no conflicts. Later, I want to add a couple of them to the Jobs file, so the AI will use them too. heh.

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Post by strekship » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 03:05

strekship wrote:I opened up the CAT files and check the TShips file and it does list the ships i added. I guess for whatever reason the game is not loading the plugin manager files on top of XTM. I guess I can always try installing the game and not using XTM and see if I can get the ships to work that way.
Just thought i would post an update encase anyone else was having a similar issue. Turns out there is something weird going on with X3: Reunion and the new Plugin Manager Lite 1.10. I went back to the old 2.x version and now everything works as it should.

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Post by MarkusXL » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 18:21

Yeah I tried using Lite but I could not get the desired results, so I went back to version 2.12.

Again, this is probably a pathnames related issue. In 2.12, you have more control under Settings and Profiles. Never had any problems with it - its a solid tool that unlocks TONS of fun for your dozens of X3 game customizations and experiments.


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Post by jonusb » Sat, 27. Mar 10, 09:40

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Post by Old_Frog » Tue, 1. Jun 10, 23:10

ok now my game is running but all the ships (except spacedock) i downloaded are invisible when i spawn them and can fly through things like they are missing their models

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Post by unwantedrambo » Sat, 17. Jul 10, 19:59

is there a chance you can try and get a hold on a NX-01 Enterprise download

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Post by zombie-uk » Sat, 24. Jul 10, 22:59

Have they fixed the Space Dock Bug witch makes all the XTM stations revert to Argon Trading Stations and not the Orginal Models?

Driving me batty as I desire to see the Space Dock in Earth Orbit aswell as the Fantastic OTAS Headquarters. (:
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X3 Reunion i love it.

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Post by Vortexz » Sat, 25. Sep 10, 05:22

The Intrepid class is BRILLIANT!
The only thing it's missing is a light on the hull for the name.
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Post by SirDeity » Thu, 28. Oct 10, 00:30

Zonealarm and some other security software have www.box.net registered as a known source for spyware distribution. I realize this is a tall request, but is there any chance you can upload your fantastic mods to a different (safer) download site?

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Post by CKYRules » Fri, 28. Oct 11, 01:37

So when you install the starbase into X3TC it changes many of the Terran stations to Argon trading stations and some stations just plain disappear. Like the Saturn Research Station. Is there a solution to this? Because i would love to have this amazing player HQ in Terran Conflict

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Post by CKYRules » Sun, 30. Oct 11, 17:42

MM are you still around? I would greatly appreciate if you could walk me through getting the space dock to work in Terran Conflict. I think the issue is with the tdock or the other files in the .cat from X3R. Ive tried adding the TC versions to the .cat without success. When i added the Space dock entry to the TC tdock and place the tdock in the .cat and installed. I actually got the right stations to appear. But i couldnt dock at them, Before hand stations like the Saturn Research station and the new Terran stations would just show up as Free Argon Trading stations. Once i added the TC Tdock in with the Spacedock entry, the stations actually showed up. But i couldnt dock. I started a new game and went to sell my m4 at the shipyard in saturn. It wouldnt dock. My m7 Intrepid would. But not the small ships. Any solutions?

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Post by dreadnought151 » Sat, 31. Dec 11, 06:00

wow i was thinking i was the only one that want non federation star ships thanks for the hook up man it works great i love these ships if you can make more it be cool i will check in like everyday to see if you still get on this is the shiz nit lol 8) 8) 8)

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Docking Issue.

Post by Sairaf » Sun, 12. Feb 12, 05:22

Ok, huh, sorry to bump this, but I just downloaded the following ships:


And for some reason, I can't dock anything on them. I have XRM installed, is that the issue? I can post my list of scripts and mods here.

EDIT: XRM was the issue. Removed it and everything's ok.

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Post by SlicerShanks » Thu, 12. Jul 12, 01:54

ok now my game is running but all the ships (except spacedock) i downloaded are invisible when i spawn them and can fly through things like they are missing their models
I'm having the same exact problem as Old_Frog

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Post by DJ Wolf » Fri, 27. Jul 12, 12:39

Is this still a valid thread? I wanted to put new ships into my X3 Reunion so I got Cycrow's software to do this. It unpacks .XSP files and installs them as .CAT files supposedly except that when you close the program it tells you to wait while converting them to MODS and then dies with a Windows "(not responding)."

It's 2012 and I think things have moved on. Any ideas?

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