[UPDATE] A few SW ships... and a couple of ST ones too [01-11-2009]

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[UPDATE] A few SW ships... and a couple of ST ones too [01-11-2009]

Post by magrathean monkey » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 00:15

Hi all,

Although I've been playing x3 for over a year now I recently thought I might try to build a few ships as a way of learning how to build models using 3D packages. In the couple of months that I've been working away at this I've put together one star trek and a few Star Wars ships. They're now all working in-game so it's time to share them out. :)

Each ship is contained within it's own .XSP file so you will need to use the wonderous Ship Installer tool to get them in-game (great app Cycrow!). *When downloading the file name will appear as something strange (for example: BoP_V1.xsp becomes WSQ6qPPZzifRMcRUdzmBIceB). You can manually change the name of the file once it has downloaded or just add the .xsp file extension and it will be recognized by the Ship Installer (The strange names are being automatically assigned by the file storage site, as far as I can tell but I have no idea why??).

As you know I've had problems recently with my download site but a couple of kind X3 community people have offered to help me out with this, so a big thanks to xHellfire and Flybye - you've helped me out in a big way! 8)

Additional thanks to lazerath who is kindly hosting some of my ships on his site. :wink:

EDIT: All ST XSPs now have at least one working mirror.

A Monkey's guide to adding ships to X3
A walkthrough of how I add a ship into X3 - A 5mb download but it might be useful to anyone who wants to try making new ships.

*UPDATE 01-11-2009: T6,T15 and Logistics Shuttles with cockpits added

I started to make a few cockpits for some of my ships recently - I thought I'd share them out in case anyone misses looking at space through a windscreen! Look for the *NEW* next to the Galaxy link in the list below. I'll look to add the other cockpit models that I have so far: Logistics shuttle, T6 and T15 shuttles, in the coming days. I'll probably make a few more too - fighters first (Delta shuttle and T10 shuttle) before making a few more capital class ones.

Old news: I found out that while some of the ships will already work in XTM, some of the others cause the SY docks to break. I'm pretty sure that I have fixed this - some of you guys helped me with some testing and didn't have any more problems so I'm adding the download links below. Look for the words *XTM compatible* next to the download link.

Btw, the M4/M5/M6 and TS/TP ships work ok and do not need any alterations. It is only the TL/M1/M2s that cause any problems.

Links to screenshots and the .xsp files

MM and Kris4564 compatibility Installer
To fix any docking problems if you want to use both mine and Kris4564's ships. You need to install this file every time after you add a new ship/ships.
MM_KrisCompatibilityINSTALLER_11.86.xsp *Latest Version*

Star Trek Ships

Romulan Ships

Romulan D'deridex Class: sold by the Paranid.
Warbird screenshot
The M1 Romulan warship, one of the largest ships in the known universe. Has very strong shielding, a large powerful forward mounted weapon system and decent turret defenses.
Dderidex_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Federation Ships

Federation Spacedock: Player Headquarters
This station is still a work in progress. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a way to add it to a shipyard's product list. This means that for now you will need to use a cheat script to add the station into your game. You can find a list of such cheats in the scripts sticky in the scripting and modding forum. There are still some problems when using the spacedock with other mods such as XTM. I'm working to get a fix for this and will update these files when this happens.

Federation Spacedock
Spacedock screenshot
Files needed for install
Spacedock_FalsePatch_V1.rar Mirror
SpaceDockFilesINSTALLER_X3M_01.xsp Mirror

Installation of Spacedock:
1) You need both of the files listed above. The first has a .cat and .dat file containing all of the models and textures in it. The second is a .XSP file that will install the necessary information that will allow ships to dock at the station - and this oen makes it compatible with XTM also.
2) From the .RAR file: Extract the Spacedock_FALSE_PATCH_XTM.cat and Spacedock_FALSE_PATCH_XTM.dat files into your game directory (EGOSOFT\X3 REUNION\).
3) You will need to rename these two files to follow in numerical sequence to the existing .cat and .dat files that are in this directory. For example if you already have 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09.cat and .dat files, then you will need to rename the spacedock files to: 10.cat and 10.dat. Always make the Spacedock files one number higher in the sequence than the largest number of the existing cat/dat files.
4) Add the SpacedockFilesINSTALLER_X3M.XSP using the ship installer.
5) That's it - play the game!
The Spacedock is listed as headquarters in the stations\docks list. There will be two entries for 'headquarters' but you can recognize the Spacedock by it's volume of 50000.
*IF you are using the ship installer to add any of the ST ships and you are going to use the Spacedock, please run the SpacedockFilesINSTALLER_X3M.XSP AFTER you add any ships or the spacedock.* This is because the installer has a couple of files that need to be added to all of the ST ships but I haven't had the time to do it yet.

Type 10 Shuttle (Federation Type 10)
Type 10 screenshot
Type 10 docking at station
M4 class shuttle

USS Weaver (Federation Weaver Class)
Weaver screenshot
Weaver with Haulers docked
Very small TL class ship with docking for 6 Hauler Class ships. Useful trader
Hauler Class (Federation Hauler Class)
TS class ship for use with Weaver Class

USS Victory (Federation Constellation Class Refit)
Constellation screenshot
Very small M2. Pretty underpowered in the shields and weapons department but is 'cheap as chips!'
ConstellationRefit_XTMCompliant_V2.xsp This ship should be XTM compatible but I haven't fully tested it so please BACK UP YOUR SAVEGAME BEFORE INSTALLING IT!

USS Defiant (Federation Defiant Class)
Defiant screenshot
M2 experimental battleship. Is fast, manouverable and pretty tough. Looks like a sports car too!
Download instructions for this file only
Right-click on the link below then click on 'save target as' and change the file extension from .html to .xsp.
Defiant_XTMCompliant_V2.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Leviathan (Federation Leviathan Class)
Leviathan screenshot
M1 twin hulled Excelsior variant. I couldn't decide whether to make it into a carrier or a battleship so you will probably want to play around with the specifications of this ship in the ShipCreator. Let me know if you come up with a good setup and I will add it to this .xsp.
Leviathan_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Federation Type 15 Shuttle
Type 15 Shuttle screenshot
M5 Class ship based on the Argon Discoverer. Smallest shuttle EVER!
XTM_T15Shuttle_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*
*NEW* T15Shuttle_cockpit_V1.xsp

USS Pathfinder (Federation Pioneer class)
Pioneer screenshot
TP class ship based on the Argon Express. The Pioneer is about half of it's actual size in order to be able to dock at all stations.
Pioneer_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Cochrane (Federation Oberth class)
Oberth screenshot
TP class ship based on the Argon Express Hauler. The Oberth is about half of it's actual size in order to be able to dock at all stations.
Oberth_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Delta Flyer (Federation Delta Flyer): sold by the Argon
Delta Flyer screenshot
M3 Class fighter/shuttle based on an Argon Nova. It is faster but has less weaponry.
DeltaFlyer_V2.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Voyager (Federation Intrepid Class): Sold by the Argon
Intrepid screenshot
An M2 pocket battleship - perhaps more useful as an explorer due to it's size, speed and small hangar bay.
Intrepid_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Excelsior (Federation Excelsior Class): Sold by the Argon.
Excelsior screenshot
An M2 class ship that is similar in size and handling characteristics to the Excelsior Refit (EnterpriseB).
Excelsior_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Raven (Federation Raven Class): Sold by the Argon.
Raven screenshot
A TS class ship based on the USS Raven. It's pretty much your average run-of-the-mill TS. Will carry wares, won't win intergalactic fleet battles!
Raven_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Phoenix (Federation Nebula Class): Sold by the Argon.
Phoenix screenshot
A large scale transporter with decent shielding and weapons systems.
Nebula_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Galaxy (Federation Galaxy Class): M2 Sold by the Argon.
Galaxy screenshot
The ultimate federation flagship; this huge vessel was designed as a multiformat operations platform and is suited to carrying out a huge variety of civilian and military missions. Built with long term/deep space explorations as a priority, the Galaxy class can hold a medium complement of fighters/shuttles and has massive cargo storage bays.
Galaxy_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*
*NEW* Galaxy Class with cockpit *XTM compatible*

Logistics shuttle (Federation Logistics Shuttle): M4 sold by the Argon.
Logistics shuttle screenshot
A large shuttle that can be docked with the Federation M1s and M2s to resupply and refuel them.
STLogisticsShuttle_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*
*NEW* STLogisticsShuttle_cockpit_V1.xsp

USS Invincible (Federation Carrier Class): M1 sold by the Argon.
Invincible screenshot
A variant of the Excelsior/EnterpriseB model used as a light carrier.
Invincible_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Type-6 Shuttle: M5 Class sold by the Argon.
Type6 shuttle screenshot
A small M5 ship used to ferry personnel and small amounts of cargo between larger vessels.
STShuttle_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*
*NEW* STShuttle_cockpit_V1.xsp

USS Ontario (Federation Ontario Class): M2 Class sold by the Argon.
Ontario screenshot
A small, fast and highly manouverable M2 with a powerful forward facing multipoint weapon array. The Ontario can be fitted to be an effective anti-fighter or capital ship killer. It does lack large turret weapons which can leave this vessel exposed when cornered by other M2s but it's superior handling capabilities allow this ship to outfly just about any other capital ship in existence.
Ontario_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

USS Enterprise B (Federation Excelsior Class Refit): M2 Class sold by the Argon.
Enterprise B screenshot
A fast M2 with decent shielding, the only weekness of this vessel is it's relative lack of weapon points when compared with the other races' M2 class ships. This vessel can fit a wide range of weapon types and is even said to be compatible with captured Khaak Kyon Emitter technology.
With it's fast cruising speed and high acceleration the Enterprise can become a lethal stand-off weapon in the hands of a skilled captain.
Docking bays added, overall model scale increase to a similar size to other M2 ships.
EnterpriseB_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Klingon Ships

Klingon Vorcha: Sold by the Paranid.
Vorcha screenshot
Klingon cruiser; lean, green and very mean. The Vorcha class's durability and versatility has pushed this vessel into the mainstay of the Klingon fleet. It has a large enough dockng bay for a small complement of fighters and enough weapons and armor to punch well above it's weight. The combination of these characteristics with it's superior speed and handling makes the Vorcha a vessel to avoid at all costs - unless you're in the pilot's seat!
Vorcha_XTMCompliant_V1.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Klingon Bird of Prey: M6 Class sold by the Paranid.
BoP screenshot
Cockpit sreenshot for all BoP variants
This has similar characteristics to the Split Dragon (because I copied and pasted the Dragon Tships entry!). It has good shielding, a fair amount of armor and is pretty manouverable for a M6 ship. The One thing it doesn't have are rotating gun turrets so pick your fights carefully with this ship. :wink:
BoP_V3.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Bird of Prey with cockpit
BoP_cockpit_V3.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Klingon Bird of Prey - Hunter Class: M6 class sold by the Paranid.
BoPHu screenshot
A variant of the original Bird of Prey, this ship has the same shielding but less armor which makes it faster with better handling characteristics. It can fit the same weapons as the original BoP but has less weapons energy available. It is easily recognizable because of the higher wing configuration than the original Bird of prey.
BoPHu_V3.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Bird of Prey: Hunter Class with cockpit
BoPHu_cockpit_V3.xsp Mirror *XTM compatible*

Star Wars Ships

Corellian Corvette: M2 class sold by the Teladi. Small and with significantly less firepower than all other M2s, the Corvette is ideally suited as an escort vessel for both military and civilian operations. While it's primary weapons (two heavy forward facing mounted turrets) are effective against larger slower moving ships, it's hard-hitting anti fighter weapons make the Corvette particularly useful in confrontations with large numbers of small fast moving targets.
Corvette screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
Corvette_V1.xsp Mirror

Firespray: M3 class sold by the Teladi. Based on Boba Fett's ship this vessel is reasonably fast and manouverable and can fit 8 forward mounted lasers. No mounted turret means that it works well in hit and run attacks.
Firespray cockpit screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
Firespray screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
Firespray_V2.xsp Mirror *NEW*
Firespray_cockpit_V2.xsp Mirror
FiresprayCannon_cockpit_V3.xsp Mirror *NEW*

Imperial Shuttle: TP Class sold by the Split (Shuttle Tyderium from RoTJ I think).
ImperialShuttle cockpit screentshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... AME_02.jpg
ImperialShuttle screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
ImperialShuttle_V1.xsp Mirror

TIE Advanced: M4 Class sold by the Split. Darth Vader's TIE from Star Wars.
*All TIE variants use the same cockpit:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
TIEAdvanced screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
TIEAdvanced_V1.xsp Mirror
TIEAdvanced_with_cockpit_V1.xsp Mirror

TIE Bomber: M3 Class sold by the Split
TIEBomber screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
TIEBomber_V1.xsp Mirror
TIEBomber_with_cockpit_V1.xsp Mirror

TIE Fighter: M5 Class sold by the Split
TIE Fighter screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
TIEFighter_V1.xsp Mirror
TIEFighter_with_cockpit_V1.xsp Mirror

YT-1300: TS Class sold by the Teladi (Millenium Falcon)
*All YT variants use the same cockpit:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
YT-1300 screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
YT-1300_V2.xsp Mirror
YT-1300_cockpit_V2.xsp Mirror

YT-2000 TS Class sold by the Teladi (Otana from SW: X-Wing Alliance game).
YT-2000 screenshot:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... N_GAME.jpg
YT-2000_V2.xsp Mirror
YT-2000_cockpit_V2.xsp Mirror

Resized Star Wars Ships

YT-1300 (Rescaled)
Rescaled (smaller) YT-1300, classed as M3 but with the same specs as the original version and forward mounted weapons.
SWResized_YT-1300_V1.xsp Mirror
SWResized_YT-1300_V2.xsp Mirror

YT-2000 (Rescaled)
Rescaled (smaller) YT-2000, classed as M3 but with the same specs as the original version and forward mounted weapons.
SWResized_YT-2000_V1.xsp Mirror
SWResized_YT-2000_V2.xsp Mirror

Please let me know if you have any problems with links, downloading, installing or find any bugs. (I think all of the links are working but it's late and my head hurts...) :)


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Post by BlOoD-ThIsTeR » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 02:20

You are my new personal hero.... i've been looking for these ships ever since i bought this game..

thanks man..

bob hope
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Post by bob hope » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 02:43

now, with the help of someone like deadly da or someone you might be able to get rotating turrets on these ships :D

good job on them though
About the name - i was lost for a name on the forum and looking round, then a Bob Hope film came on, and i thought "that will do nicely"

i was born and raised argumentative i dont mean to offend ...... sorry

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Post by Kazuma » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 02:55

Outstanding ships... <yoinks the bop>(s) :wink:

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Post by tensin » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 02:58

Beautiful ships. May I put these up on my XSP site? (preferrably with the names / descriptions / etc tweaked)
(The strange names are being automatically assigned by the file storage site, as far as I can tell but i have no idea why??)
Likely "XSP" isn't on the MIME list for the server. You can try ZIP/RARs.

magrathean monkey
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Post by magrathean monkey » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 15:12

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback, so far no problems with any of the downloads then? :)

Beautiful ships. May I put these up on my XSP site? (preferrably with the names / descriptions / etc tweaked)
You have a good site there Tensin, I'm happy for you to add tem to it. And I'll look at adding them as a ZIP or RAR - I would never have thought of that (but I'm a total noob at that kind of thing :wink: )


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Post by nirwin » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 16:10

I'm a real fan of Star Wars ships, and you have done a fantastic job creating them.

The YT-1300 even looks better than DeadlyDa's to me (sorry Deadly, your work is amazing but you gotta confess, this one looks spot-on), the texture looks dirtier, just like in the films. Great work.

And so many people have been looking for the imperial shuttle, I just know it is gonna be a huge hit.
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Post by tensin » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 18:27

Thanks. The ships are up on my site on the SW ans ST pages.

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Post by Mapper484 » Sun, 21. Jan 07, 18:50


These ships are ES-Quality!

magrathean monkey
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Post by magrathean monkey » Thu, 25. Jan 07, 07:14

Hi all,

I've added some cockpits and a new spaceship; the Slave 1 from Star Wars.



magrathean monkey
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Post by magrathean monkey » Tue, 30. Jan 07, 06:33

I've added a version of the Firespray with a new cockpit (links to a screenshot and download at the top of the thread).

Hopefully I should get around to adding a cockpit for the Bird of Prey by the weekend and maybe finish another ship that I'm building at the mo...

New ship [WIP]:
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... ESS_01.jpg
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... ESS_02.jpg
http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... ESS_03.jpg


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Post by spotless » Tue, 6. Feb 07, 15:43

Those models are excellent I really like your work! Ever had any thoughts of doing the Corellian corvette CR90
http://www.atombender.de/swgwiki/images ... _close.jpg
or the Mon Calamari Cruiser
or the GR-75 medium transport
http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images ... nsport.jpg

keep up the good work!

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magrathean monkey
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Post by magrathean monkey » Tue, 6. Feb 07, 16:22

Hi spotless, thanks for the feedback.

I am thinking of having a go at making the Corellian Corvette after I finish the Star Trek Excelsior model that I'm currently working on (in-game screenshot below)

It's taking me a little more time than I thought it would but I should have it finished at some point today. Hopefully I can finally start on something new then! :wink:

http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p138 ... ME_01a.jpg

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Post by tensin » Tue, 6. Feb 07, 17:01

Sweet. I've got a D-7 that just needs texturing. I'll send a fleet of htem to take out your federation garbage scow ;)

I've the the models for (I think) all three of the SW ships above, though they may be in LW format.

I'm thinkin about trying to track down one of the large Homeworld2 mod groups and starting a ship exchange program ;)

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Post by spotless » Tue, 6. Feb 07, 19:50

That is nice and I really like the angle you shot that picture from
I look forward to seeing that in game! How long did it take to make this model and get in game you seam to be spiting them out by the minute!

Loved the news you brought about the corvette. If you decide to do it we aren’t far of from completing the most known ships of the rebel fleet!

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