PLEASE HELP! need coordinates to westgate of maelstrom

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PLEASE HELP! need coordinates to westgate of maelstrom

Post by robnelson » Wed, 10. Jan 07, 05:26

I am having hours of trouble locating the westgate of maelstrom and it is becoming increasingly frustrating. I need this to get my HQ.

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Post by Saint-Ashley » Wed, 10. Jan 07, 06:20

deep south west... I beleive... Dont have the cords, but its off the map...

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Post by DeltaWolf » Wed, 10. Jan 07, 08:14


It's due west (from the center of the sector) -181,0,0
Click image below for link to F.A.C.T.S.


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Post by Sipa » Wed, 10. Jan 07, 17:29

I think it was
180km west
from center of the sector

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Post by Player. » Wed, 10. Jan 07, 17:35

Yep, just go to the center of the sector, turn left and keep going until the gate is in sensor range :wink: - X2 The Threat High Definition Mod - You know you wanna :)

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