<Solved> What ist this? Savegame problem after Game freezes

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<Solved> What ist this? Savegame problem after Game freezes

Post by Fireball3 » Sat, 11. Nov 06, 13:11

Hi all!
After installing the Bala Gi Update my Game looks like this
You see there are Ships and Stations whitout Names!

After about 30s ingame the Game freezes.
I disabled all Scripts.
Reinit Script caches also done.

I updated from with installed Bonus Package to the

Started a new game - without any problems.
So the prolem lies somewhere within the savegame.

Has anyone had the same issue?

Thank you all!

In the German forum someone stated the unsigned scripts would be the problem.
So I deactivated all my scripts and installed the 2.0.01 update again.
Started the game an voila! No missing Names and no freezes!
My installed scripts:

Perhaps this helps someone else with the same prob!

Now letz get the new shipzzzzzzz! :o


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Post by Da_Junka » Sat, 11. Nov 06, 19:02

Yes, I get game hard lock after about 30 seconds of play, plays fine if I start a new game but wont have any of my old saves and I tell you I rally dont want to start all over again.
I have no scripts running at all, but I did have when the saves where made.
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