[PROGRAM] Logitech G15 LCD Stats Applet V1.40 : Update 16/11/2006

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[PROGRAM] Logitech G15 LCD Stats Applet V1.40 : Update 16/11/2006

Post by Cycrow » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 03:29

Program: X3 Logitech G15 LCD Stats Applet
Author: Cycrow
Version: V1.40
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* Download latest program
* Kill the original process before installing. (only if you have an older version)
- End the process "X3LCD.exe" from the task manager
* Run the installation Program, X3LCD_Setup.exe
* Install the script package, Logitech_scripts.spk using the Script Manager
- Script Manager avaialble from (www.xpluginmanager.co.uk)
* Goto the Logitech LCD control Panel and configure the applet (see below)


First Screen:

Stats Screens:

Ship/Target Screens:


This is a program that links with the LCD display on the logitech G15 keyboards.
The applet will be registered with Logitech software when its first installed or ran.
Make sure you have the latest version of the Logitech drivers, otherwise it might not run.

Before it will work, you need to set the correct X3 Directory, you do this by going into the Logitech LCD Control panel.
Select the X3 Reunion applet then go to config.
There are 2 options, the x3 file and the log file name.
The logfile name should be fine as the default unless you wish to edit the scripts to change it.

Once its configured, you need to installed the supplied script pack, logitech_scripts.spk
You use the Script Manager to install these scripts and it works as an AL Plugin and can be enable or disabled in game via the AL Settings menu.


There are multiple pages of stats available, you use the 4 control buttons on the LCD to change them.
Each button can have multiple pages, so pushing the button multiple times will cycle between the pages.

Button 1:
This is the main stats button, will display 2 pages of stats, include the ships you have, number of stations, game time and credits.
In the top left corner, you will find a display of the amount of salvage insurance you currently have

Button 2:
This is the Combat menu, there are currently 2 pages of display.
The first page is your ships stats, and will display your ship and its hull, shields and weapon energy.
The second page is your targets stats, and displays the speed as well as its Hull and shield strength.

There will also be the number of missiles and enemies in sector displayed if you have the "Combat Computer" installed on your current ship.
The combat computer is an upgrade you can buy from argon and split equipment docks.

Button 3:
This is the race notority and ranks page, will display the current rankings with each race and your combat and trade ranks.

Button 4:
This is the custom stats page, this is used to allow other scripts to display stats to the LCD. Press the button to flick between the pages.


Custom Stats (For Scripters):

There are 2 scripts provided in the package to allow you to access to custom stats menu for the LCD.
The "plugin.logitechg15.setcustom" script is used to set the string to be displayed.
It takes 3 arguments, the first is a unique identifier, so you can change and remove the stats at any time.
The second is the string to be displayed, what ever is here will be displayed on one of the slots on the LCD.
The final argument is the expire time, This allows the LCD to automatically remove the stats after a set time.
Setting this to 0 will make it permanant until you manually remove it.

The 2nd script is "plugin.logitechg15.removecustom"
This is used to remove the stats that you previously added. It takes one argument which is the unique identifer you set when seting the stats.

To change the stats, just use the setcustom script agian using the same identifier and the expiretime and stats display will change to what ever you specify


Custom Programmable Popup Display:

You can create a script to display what ever you like on the LCD as a temporary popup.
To create the popup, you first need to create the external script, which is a basic text file format.
The script describes how the screen should look, you can add icons and text to the screen and also move them around.
Once the script is created, you then need to display it, you do this using X3 scripts, theres a script supplied in the package called "plugin.logitechg15.display"
This script takes 2 arguments, the first is the filename to your external script, the 2nd is the data array for any varibles. Calling the script
will cause the screen to immediatly for a set time, the time it display for is set in the lcd script file.

LCD Script File:
This is the script file used to create your custom display.

Display Time:
the command, Displayfor:, is used to set the time to display the screen for, after this time, the lcd will return to the standard stats. The time
is in cycles, each cycle is equal to 100ms.

The varible command is used to set all the varibles, each one is matched with the data array passed to the script. Ie the first on the LCD script will
be replaced with the first element in the varible array. To use a varible in the text, you append a $ infront of the varible name.
IE, Varible: myvarible
then in a text line, you add, $myvarible

You can add icons to the display, these will be converted to greyscale images.
Usage, Icon: <x> <y> <sizex> <sizey> <filename>
X and y is the position to display on the lcd display
Sizex and sizey is the size of the icon, ie 32x32.
filename is the relative filename of the ico file, ie it will search for the icon file in the same directory the script is run from.

You can add text to the display, there are 3 sizes to add, Small, Medium and Large. The command is Text, followed by the size, ie TextSmall:
Appending "Scroll" to the end makes the text scroll if its too long to fit on the display, ie TextSmallScroll:
Usage, Text<size>: <x> <y> <length> <align> <text>
x and y is the position on the LCD
Length is the maximum length of the text to display in pixels.
Align is the alignment of the text, either LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER.
Text is the text string to display, can contain the varibles.

You can use the move command to move any object to a set position in a given time
Usage, Move: <x> <y> <time>
<x> and <y> is the position to move to on the LCD, you can set them to "-" to make it the same as the origina position.
ie, if an object is at 10,20. and you set move to -,30. It will move to 10,30.
The <time> is the time in cycles it takes to move from the start to the end.
Both text and icons can be moved. The move command relates to the object created immeditially before it

Same as the move command, but will repeat the move, ie when it gets to the end it starts over instead of just stopping.

There is an example available, which display a promotion popup for the guild scripts. The files included are, the main LCD script file, guildpromotion.lcd
the icon to display, up.ico and in the X3 script package, example.lcd.display, which is the script that calls the display. Running this script ill cause it
to display on the LCD so you can see how it works.



* Adding more stats for the Combat Computer
* Adding custom Programmable Popup Stats, can create a stats view that pops up for a limited time overriding current display. Ie for receiving messages.


Change Log:

* Fixed Target display
* Fixed displaying of negative ships
* Added Custom programmable popup displays
* Added Salvage Insurance Display

* Added Combat computer
* Added missile and enemy numbers for Combat Computer
* Added Combat and Trade Ranks
* Added Display of Police licences
* Added Search for stats screen
* Added Custom Stats display
* Fixed close button on configuration Dialog

* Added Multiple Pages of Stats
* Added no game screen
* Added stats for each ship type
* Added Combat display
* Added Race Notority Display
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Post by russbo » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 04:16

Damn Cycrow, you NEVER cease to amaze.

Not sure if I have a use for this, but I'm installing it, lol..


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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 04:20

well it'll only work if u have the logitech g15 keyboard with the built in lcd display.

i got one today so i thought ill have a go at accessing the lcd display :)

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 19:26

i will plan to add more stats to the next version, including ship stats for all types, race reps, etc.

if anyone has any requests for stats to display then let me know

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Post by russbo » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 21:12

Cycrow, I've been using the G15 for a few months now, and I love it. But I can't get it to find your applet.

I install your program, where it wants to go, into ./ProgramFiles/X3LogitechG17LCDapplet , it forms a directory and installs a .spk logitech script (which I install into your script installer), and I run the applet via the windows menu.

Installing your program into the Logitech folder also doesn't work.

No applet shows up in the G16 control panel. I've tried cutting and pasting the X3LCD application to that folder, it still doesn't show in the G15 control panel.

I'm missing something here. Just so you know, the US version of Logitech installs into ./Program Files/Logitech/G-series Software/Applets

It shows in the AL settings in X3, just not in the Logitech applets

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 22:17

on mine, all i needed to do, was srun the main exe file, X3LCD.exe

and it should lanuch into the background.
it shoudl then add itself to the lcd control panel.

if you go into the keyboard profiler then goto the LCD control pannel, it should display in there under, X3: Reunion.

u could check task manage to make sure its running, it might have been unable to connect for some reason, i will make the next verion right a log so you can tell if it connected or not

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Post by russbo » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 22:26

Doesnt work. I install your program into the default, run the applet (either by double clidking on the exe file directly, or, "run applet" in either the windows program START box or after your installation. Nothing shows up in the Logitech applet area, nor does it show up in Windows Task Manager.

Do you just have the applet itself, that I can put into my Logitech applets directory directly??? Maybe then Logitech will see it, and I can then configure it appropriately. The spk file works as expected.

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 7. Sep 06, 23:02

the applet is the exe file

the problem is the program isn't conencting. so its not sure up, do u have LCDMON.exe running ?

ill get a version that sends a debug log so you can c what problem there is

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Post by russbo » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 00:41

LDCMON.exe is running. Here's some more information to see if it helps.

I'm not sure where your program needs to be installed to. I don't know if you're trying to install it into the actual Logitech directory, or, into an unrelated directory of your choosing.

If it goes into a directory of your choosing, running the applet does NOT cause it to be found by the Logitech software.

If the applet goes into the Logitech/.../Applet directory (with the two other Logitech applets), it still is not found.

Logitech applets are found here: C:/../Program Files/Logitech/G-series Software/Applets, by default installation of Logitech software.

Let me know what I can do to help.

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 00:46

it doesn't matter where you installed it, when you run the program, it should register with LCDMON and allow the software to c it, thats what happened on mine, i have it installed in program files, and the software has no trouble picking it up as well as the ones i have in the project directory.

The problem is, if it fails to register, the program quicks, which is whats happening to u as the program is not showing on task manager, meaning its quit.

as for the reason it didn't iniliize, im not sure, maybe its missing a dll file or something it needs, ill have to try it on another pc

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 00:59

what version of the drivers do you have installed.

i just installed them on another pc and run the program and it worked fine, even when the keyboard isn't conencted.

This is what i get, all i did was install the software and ran the program.

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Post by russbo » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 01:55

My mistake, as usual. My Logitech mouse software was autoupdating; the G15 keyboard was using the same software from seven months ago. The new version finds your program instantly, without problem.

I'm getting a "No Pilot Found" in the G15 (I like what you've done with this by the way). The keyboard is not finding the information from the game;

The .spk file is successfully installed in the script installer
The Logitech panel shows the X3Reunion: config of that has the x3 directory exe file pointed to (I've also tried just putting the directory, and not the exe file location, in there).
The log file is the 9xxx number that you specify as default
The game AL shows the Logitech thingie as active.
Ive saved, gated, etc.

Keyboard is not getting info from the game.

I am not using "Julian" as my name. And, the game is in my D directory, but, the config file is pointed to the x3.exe file.

Any ideas? And what more might you add to this? Kills?

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 02:03

well, there are a few things you can check.
but it will only display stuff while the game is running, once you close it, it will go back to pilot not found.

the scripts create a log file, log09003.txt, u could check if that exists when running X3 so you know the scripts are working.

but as the al plugin is there, it the scripts sshould be working fine, so u could try going to the applet config again and checking just to be sure.

im currently working on a new version thats adding a complete list of ships, ie how many ships of each class, and im adding you race reps and combat rank too.

but i can add pretty much any stats that are accessable by the scripts engine

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Post by CanadianBrit » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 02:13

I was about to post that I was having the same issues, but as with Russo, I updated my G15 software and all good!

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Post by russbo » Fri, 8. Sep 06, 02:14

Nothing shows when the game is running; the log file shows the proper information that should be going to the keyboard. Keyboard just isn't getting it.

Should the config be the DIRECTORY or the exe file location: IE, .../Egosoft/X3Reunion or .../Egosoft/X3Reunion/x3.exe??? Not sure why else the keyboard shouldn't be receiving information; it's getting your template, which, I assume is from the program and not the game...

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