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TP Tour Missions

Post by Whiskahs » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 21:56

Hm, alright so one day I got sick of seeing all the TP tour missions and not being able to do them, so I bought a fleet of TPs and put them at every station on the eastern side of the universe, but when I finally tried to do one (it was on a split station... can't remember the sector name, but it is just north of a Xenon sector and there is an unknown sector to the east) I accepted the mission only to immediately recieve a failure notice stating something like "You can't leave us on the station..." blah blah... so I checked to see if I had a cargo lifesupport system installed and I didn't, so I loaded and transfered one to the TP, but I still got the same message. After that point I checked the cargo and the only thing that was in it was the shield generator that came stock with it. So... any ideas to why this keeps happening?

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Post by softweir » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 03:19

To start with, TPs don't need life-support systems, they have them pre-fitted — but not listed in the equipment! I suspect that your TP doesn't have a large enough passenger space for the job. Try again with a Boron Manta Hauler - the biggest TP available.

Good luck!
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Post by Andaius » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 04:29

Unfortunately ES neglected to either give TP a bigger cargo bay size or they forgot to make they passangers smaller to fit the container limits of the TPs. So it ended up that the vast majority of TP's can't carry passangers. You need to look for the "Hauler" version of various TP's if you want to have a chance of doing those missions.

They can be semi profitable if you manage to find a fast TP with the right hold size. IIRC the "Found" Toucan hauler was like the best of second best TP.

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Post by fud » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 14:19

Well, to be more specific, only Hauler variant TPs have "L" cargo, which is what passengers/VIPs are. The normal ones are only "M". Most/all TP would have the actual cargo space, if it wasn't for the cargo size.


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