Are the "Tour of a Lifetime" and other TP Mission worth doing?

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Are the "Tour of a Lifetime" and other TP Mission worth doing?

Post by Etheron » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 04:05

Hello. I'm writing cuz I've had a TP Iguana Vanguard for a while, although ok to make it follow me around to carry stuff i dont want in my personal ship's cargo bay, I'm still new in the game ans starting to think that i should rather sell it for investing the money on other more profitable enterprise (factory, complex, trade, etc). The only reason why i havent sold it yet is because this "Tour of a Lifetime" BBS mission keeps appearing and it needs a TP, but alas, my notoriety is still too low to get any of these mission. So i was thinking on holding on to my Iguana Vanguard (as far as i know, its the fastest and the best TP trasnsport in the game, perfect for the "tour of a lifetime" and others mission) so when i get enough notoriety I'll give it a try. However i am wondering if this "Tour of a Lifetime" thing really deserves me to hold on to my TP, is it fun? Is it profitable?. I7ve heard that this Tour of a lifetime was originally buggy, but I dunno if they fixed it on the current patches. And if it is so, waht kind if bugs to it have? Is there any chance that i can make a TP like the iguana to actually be an income producing asset? ... at this point of the game im starting to actually need money instead than just a fancy and rare TP to follow me around ..

Thanks in advance for your advice and help.


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Post by Mazer » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 04:09

i have never done one of those missions, and i have hundreds of millions of credits, plenty of ships and complexes, and top ranks.

in my opinion no they are not worth it.
You know you have had enough when you dock at a pirate base and toss a couple bucks at the monitor...


Kurt Shur'Tugal
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Post by Kurt Shur'Tugal » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 05:12

depends, if your strapped for cash you can make good money on them, for me they pay 25k per sector +bonuses, so it can be worth a lot

Carl Sumner
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Post by Carl Sumner » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 05:13

Just don't use jumpdrive, it reduces your payment a lot. :)

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Post by Tracker001 » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 06:04

Be late back to the home dock.
Start having that cruse director in your ear about
"I'm reporting you.
And if you think your getting paid". bla bla bla.

As I find myself...
just eyeball ...the..a ....eject cargo tab. :roll:

Or get yourself a ship full of happy go lucky
tourist . And head off to pirate space :twisted:

Can be very lukrative . hehehehehee.....

Or do one just to kill some time.
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Post by Etheron » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 16:39

Ok so far thanks a lot for your clarifications on the "Tour of the Lifetime " thingy. However, one more question,I heard that besides the Tour of the Lifetime there is yet another type of mission that also requires TP calss ships, can somebody tell me which one is it? waht does it involve? is it fun? is it worth it?

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Post by hobi » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 16:49

Etheron wrote: can somebody tell me which one is it? waht does it involve? is it fun? is it worth it?
It is usually called like "Ride to nowhere" but it is much less money worth.
For the Inguana Vanguard, it is the only one in the game. It cannot be bought somewhere only maybe captured. I always keep it i.e. for sat deployment. For "The tour of the lifetime" it is often too small and I use a Toucan Hauler for it. The mission can pay out if you have a higher ranking, in my last game I got around 700k per sector.


EDIT: Manta Hauler is wrong, never used one. I use of course the Toucan Hauler from a similar source coming as a Inguana Vanguard :wink: .
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Post by xalien » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 17:24

Money is not the only criteria when considering whether something is worth doing. The question is: do you want to do it? If so, then do it.
Even if it's the not the most profitable thing it's good as long as it has any interest to you. You won't get any prizes from Egosoft even if you earn a certain amount of money faster than some other player.

This is one big difference from all other types of games and the one that is very easy to miss - it took me one helluva time to figure it out. Maybe it should be included in the newbie guides :wink:

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Post by apogee » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 17:53

Never did one in x2, and had not done one in x3 till recently. I decided to have a go and see what happened.

Anyway bought a compatible ship, took a mission, and flew around a bit in seta, visited a xenon sector, and before i knew it they wanted to go home (it didn't last as long as i thought that it would, i thought it would be endless!).

When i docked i was paid over 4 million credits for doing it! (I think i have a trade rank of Tycoon if that affects it?), Then again i've got over 400Mcr in the bank!

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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 19:50

I've got one Tour to fit into the Iggy-V, but the next one needed Manta Hauler. The Iggy-V tour was most successful; many sectors, including X472, and spaceflys. About 100k per sector.

I did those tours just to get them off the BBS. :oops:

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Post by fud » Wed, 23. Aug 06, 19:57

Is it worth it? Once, imo. Just to say you've done it. I made about 2M on the one I did.

The only reason I did another one was to try out Cycrow's Passengers to Slaves script. Picked up 432 passengers, turned them into slaves then sold them off for a big chunk.

The Boron didn't seem all that happy, but it made me a fair bit of dosh. :D

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