TP troubles

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TP troubles

Post by Colonelnj10 » Thu, 25. May 06, 05:34

Whenever I try to get a mission, I succeed until I get a message that I "Dumped" the passengers into space or something like that


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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 25. May 06, 05:48

that usually happens when the ship your using isn't big enough.

either it doesn't have L cargo, or theres not enough room for all the passengers

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Post by Mad Jock McMad » Thu, 25. May 06, 09:53

The only ship I've been able to do Tour of a Lifetime missions in has been a Manta Hauler, sadly a bit too slow to visit more than two or three sectors in.
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Post by Black Gryphon » Thu, 25. May 06, 14:03

I can get 6 sectors in my Manta hauler... When I take the mission in Ceo's doubt or New Income...

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Post by jackleonfraust » Thu, 25. May 06, 19:27

I ran out of TP a few times... :lol:

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Post by XanII » Thu, 25. May 06, 20:25

This is a real big problem. im trying to find TP:s with L cargo. so far i have only found Paranid and Boron TP ships but they are not fast enough!.

Where, o where can you find say an Argon Express with L cargo or Split/Teladi TP with L cargo?
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