(Re-)Balancing Ship classes

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(Re-)Balancing Ship classes

Post by TimeWalkersSight » Tue, 7. Apr 09, 18:42

Somehow the shield strength and speeds of M6 and M2 in vanilla have always seemed completely screwed up. Just look at this:

shields in X2:
M6: 250 MJ (7 million credits)
M2: 625 MJ (64 million credits)

shields in X3:R:
M6: 375 MJ (9 million credits)
M2: 6000 MJ (70 million credits)

And looking at shield vs hull strength it always seemed that fighters had a high ratio while cap ships a low ratio:

M3: 75MJ / 10k hull = 7.5 ratio
M6: 250MJ / 60k hull = 4 ratio
M2: 625MJ / 250k hull = 2 ratio

and after they changed the shields of the M2 in X3 it was suddenly
M3: 75MJ / 10k hull = 7.5 ratio
M6: 375MJ / 60 hull = 6 ratio
M2: 6000MJ / 250k = 20 ratio

So M2 have a weak hull compared to their shields and firepower. I mean the largest bulk in space having a weak hull seems a bit odd to me.

Imo it should be something like this:
M3: 75 MJ / 10k hull = 7.5 ratio
M6: 800MJ / 120k hull = 6 ratio
M2: 4000MJ / 1000k hull = 4 ratio

But what is the role of M6 anyway? I always thought they accompany M2s to help them kill fighters. But do M2 really have trouble with fighters? I mean in a fight of lets say 2 Titans with flak and shockwaves vs 70 Novas with energy plasma throwers i think the titans win. So maybe the M6 should rather be balanced as an anti cap ship, which would give the fighters a little edge.

So what is an M6? In vanilla it is nothing. If it fights vs M3 then it is too slow and cant get its front weapons int firing arc due to 6% turn rate and cant evade the plasma.
If it fights vs M2 it cant beat the immense shields and can hardly evade the photon cannons. And when in range of flak it dies instantly.

I think there are to ways how to make it worth its cost:
1: Fighter hunter (As a kind of improved M3+):
->70% turn rate
->150 speed
->shield unchanged
->weapons as are now

2: as a small cap ship (pocket M2):
->6% turn rate
->90 speed
->8*125 shield
->laser power a bit lower than M7
->6 turret weapons with beta shockwave in some M6 ships and photon cannon in the front on others

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