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Post by soleseacher » Thu, 13. Apr 06, 02:42

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Hmm soon as Starforce is mentioned the thread is locked wonder why!
Myself personally will not even install X3 on my system solely becouse they use starforce.
I do have X2 on my system and play it a lot but its a well Known fact Starforce is doggie and as my system is my earner I cannot risk any problems with this sort of malicious software.
All I see here is WAM! lock any thread that mentions Starforce so sorry Egosoft but until you can convince me that this game is safe to put on my system then it will stay on the shelve were its been since I bought it.
Or is it well we got your money so **** U.
I understand you are trying to protect your software but at what cost.
Yes before u give me the link I have read all there excuses that this is not intrucive software but then why dose my firewall and spyware block there intrucions.
Any software on my system has got to be 100% safe as I have payed a hell of a lot of money for my graphics design software and I don't want it corupted by some micky mouse game with software the actual designers dont even understand.
Sorry boys but you have lost the plot here just look on E-Bay you can't even give your game away dose'nt that tell you something.
The type of game you have written is normally played by people like me so why you went down this road is beyond me.
Shame could of been great but never mind.

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Post by TSM » Thu, 13. Apr 06, 02:58

If you had bothered to read any of the previous threads you would know why the get locked!

Once again for the record Egosoft did not chose the copy protection the publishers did
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