The Donts of the X Universe and other stupid mistakes.

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Post by Dantrithor » Wed, 12. Jul 06, 18:31

X-T, though i suppose applicable to other X games:

Do NOT ever maneuver right after jumping in a sector, with thrusters going backwards, trying to get into the gate again. (i had 1 ecell less than needed to go to my destiny, so decided to do that. 2 hours on SETA + 3 factories completely configurated lost). I was actually trying to turn inside of the gate... im not sure if iw as stopped and some big thing hit me and pushed me against the gate borders, or i was just going backwards (wrong key?) :oops:

Do NOT ever think the shipyard is far far away because its big... if its big in your screen, that means you are way under those 5km needed to autodock.

My poor Orca... i have had it for few days, and it has had more accidents than all my m3's together :(

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Post by TheBypasser » Wed, 12. Jul 06, 20:20

Never, NEVER EVER!, try to support the friendly M2 in XI by your own M2 or M1 - u'll see that it's friendly but it's stupidity is enough to make it as treatfull as a hostile one :)

In a Xenon Taxi mission, try not to forget to bring the passenger to the requested station - cus sometimes it feels like just a short relaxing XI ;)

If your M3's rear turret monitor is active and Betty says "Unknown Object", don't forget to pray (also type in some goodbye letter in the ship's log) - just for the case ;)

at the pirate alley, mind the squash mines - SM + stray PSG = big boom :)

Teladi TLs are awesome places for having fun flights thru those metal frames in some M3 - but don't overuse it ;) (same about flying circles inside EQ docks' and mines' circular parts and thru Split traiding ports' frames set up all arouns their bases - lol I like risky tricky flights :) )
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Post by Actorius » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 01:20

Speaking of shields.... a while ago i posted a tactic of flying between two xenon big ships and watching as one destroyed the other.... my DONT this time?

DON'T Complain when the same thing happens to you.... while in my mammoth, i was having some problems taking out the last 8 scouts of a really big khaak cluster... so having gotten fed up with it i turned, and headed for the bigger ship in the sector. I commed them and asked for assistance and was given it... assistance to hell that was... when one of the scouts flew around my flank.... and the other ship decided its snowballs were just as effective going through me....

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Post by Modeler » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 04:30

never tell your capital ships jump into sector 1 after another use the jump and move to pos

got 3 capital ships dead coz of this :( "train wreck"

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Post by Fallingwater » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 05:22

Dantrithor wrote:2 hours on SETA + 3 factories completely configurated lost
DON'T go for more than 10 minutes without saving :P

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Post by Carl Sumner » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 05:42

Orion1632 wrote:sitting there on autopilot, watching the station get bigger and bigger, and thinking surely the autopilot will not crash into the station........ darn !!!! It did crash into the station ! silly Autopilot!
Don't: Target the station you want to land in, so you are pointing directly at it, then forget to actually start the autopilot. Then go sailing across the sector, reading the Owned menu and stuff. :roll:

Hey, shouldn't the autopilot start the docking manuvers about here? Getting kind of close! What? Yikes! :o

Crash, Snap, crackel, pop, tinkle tinkle, CRASH. EOG! :shock:

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Post by junj.chan » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 05:43

NEVER jump into a sector in front of your own capital ships (M1, M2, TL)... I was in a mamba and boosted away but my elephant still ran me over. Always make the cap ship go first.

DON'T fire silkworms when your being shot at, especially lightly shileded ships, the missiles will just regesiter as being hit by the enemy and explode.

NEVER use the autopilot in an astroid field when flying a cap ship, you just go round in circles...

and one more: DON'T fly an M6 :wink:

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Post by Colonelnj10 » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 06:25

1 Don't Decide to buy Avarice at the time that coincides with the zero hour of a suprise Khaak attack. had my TLs delivering stations in there and all were lost.
2 don't leave that 390,000,000 cred ship sitting at a shipyard. "stupid GOD/bug"

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Post by Noobtastic » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 09:13

Never assume that the AI will cover you while you attempt to flank the enemy, they won't. I learned that just when I was wondering why there were snowballs coming from behind... :roll: .

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Post by Fallingwater » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 20:24

junj.chan wrote: and one more: DON'T fly an M6

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Post by mrbadger » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 20:26

I disabled noification on eject, hit the wrong key in a dogfight and watched my ride fly off into the distance while the enemy closed in....
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Post by gradea » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 21:46

Dont... Forget to micromanage your sector traders... Entire group of them were idle for hours while I went to enjoy some Xenon rading fun.

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Post by fud » Thu, 13. Jul 06, 21:50

Two parts:

Part A: Don't hit the "L" button when you're targeting a newly captured ship.

Part B: Don't have firestorm torpedos loaded when attmpting to transfer freight. See A.

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Post by shane-oh » Fri, 14. Jul 06, 09:58

(X2)DO try getting chased across a Xenon sector by two M2's while you are in a Nova (The Nova is slower than the M2's and its good fun) DON'T forget to save.

DON'T approach a station while you are manually docking at full speed thinking "yeah ill be able to slow down before i hit" particularly if you have been docking using the auto pilot for ages.

DON'T use autopilot to fight in the ship you are using, fight yourself (not literally)

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Post by junj.chan » Fri, 14. Jul 06, 13:51

Fallingwater wrote:
junj.chan wrote: and one more: DON'T fly an M6
because they are useless, imho.
I have two, fly each of them for a while then went back to my mamba raider.

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