Antigone Memorial - Crystal Fab complex?

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Antigone Memorial - Crystal Fab complex?

Post by johnl12 » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 09:59

I have a Silicon Mine (L) in Antigone Memorial. Should I add a Crystal Fab to it? I only have 6 mill. My Silicon Mine is full with two ships selling price well below average.

I have a Space Fuel/Weed complex in EF. I am still in the story line.


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Post by tikanderoga » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 10:04

I added way more than just one - to the crystal fab, add a cattle ranch L, and a cahoona bakery and a SPP - Then you can go for the REAL big cash. :wink:

I even added some wheat farms and distilleries. Makes money like crazy.
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Post by Alche » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 10:38

Crystals sell like hot cakes anywhere and everywhere. You might not even need a selling transport, the NPC traders will often buy the crystals at full price directly from you.

Half of the trading stations buy them, plus all the solar power plants. If you sell directly use small fighters with size M cargo, fast, long range. You’ll always be sold out!

Only downside is cost, not much change from 6mil for 1x crystal, beef L, cahoona L (buy L size, not M, so you add more crystal fabs when you’ve got the money).

Of course everyone goes for distilleries, but if you want to try something different the crystals are brilliant, small, high value items, use them yourself, sell the excess.

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Post by General Dave » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 11:06

If you want a project, Kingdoms end and the sectors above and two to the right are devoid of energy (in my game)

So set up an SPP XL complex with 4 each of basic and advanced L food facts (eg Chelt + Rastar, Argnu + Cahoona) and 5 Crystal fabs and use them to bring energy to the masses...

Cost to player, no more than 100,000,000.... But as you are staedily building up your complex you can start selling products as and when they are made..


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Post by Electric_Kola » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 11:08

No more than 100million ?! damm I wish I was that rich :lol:
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Post by General Dave » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 11:13

RMK wrote:No more than 100million ?! damm I wish I was that rich :lol:
Its gets boring at times, but Im certainly not the richest bloke around... Besides, my mega complexes keep my cash at a regular 3-400,000,000...

This includes when I'm purchasing new M2's or large scale production plants, I just set all of my factories to remove any money over 1,000,000 and live like a playboy (without the girls)

If I buy a new freighter I also buy 10 M3 escorts to protect it on its way to a factory... :)

Still, I'll go bankrupt as soon as I get the ability to buy Teladi M2's, as I'm going to buy two, escort them with 4 Osprey each and send them to retake my colony on Khaak sector two... :)

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