Incredible reward... (major spoiler for Albion Prelude "Risky Business" plotline.)

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Incredible reward... (major spoiler for Albion Prelude "Risky Business" plotline.)

Post by Musicker » Fri, 3. Jul 15, 17:27

I had never followed the Risky Business plot much further than talking to Ho't Sh't for the first time.. I just delivered the Heavy Dragon to the shipyard in Family Pride, but only after finding out that the heavy dragon that Strong Arms Corp provided me for the delivery, was packed full of 8 marines, ALL with 4 or 5 stars in fighting skill!!! Those very rare and valuable marines are now training at the Military Base in Argon Sector 148, and the Heavy Dragon was turned in... On to the next stage of this really sweet story! :)

I can't believe I never got past this point in all my playthroughs previously.. this is awesome. Like a new installment of the X3 series!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend, and if you're in the USA, Light em up! :)
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Post by pref » Fri, 3. Jul 15, 23:33

Thats the warmup for the next reward :D

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