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Post by Grandcheapskate » Fri, 15. Aug 14, 07:06

I just purchased the US version of R3 v2.0 on DVD. Two issues come right to the forefront.

1. The shortcut from the start menu for the readme file points to a non-existant v1.4 readme rather than the 2.0 readme. How such an obvious error makes it to the DVD is ridiculous.

2. And this one really ticked me off. The US copy by Enlight doesn't contain either a printed manual, or a manual on the disk. In fact, there is no mention a manual actually exists. I was told the european publisher put the manual in PDF format on the DVD. How could you possibly publish this game with no manual?

Seems from reading through this thread that Egosoft would do well to terminate it's association with Enlight. I now know to check for Enlight as a publisher and stay away from any software they distribute.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 15. Aug 14, 11:05

X3: Reunion was the last game of the X series, which was released by Enlight.
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Mad Wyvern
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Post by Mad Wyvern » Fri, 26. Sep 14, 03:04

I have owned this game since 06, and the disks have become unreadable, is there someway to get a downloaded copy so I can play it again?

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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 26. Sep 14, 10:46

@ Mad Wyvern: I assume you have uninstalled the game as a fully patched version does not need any disk to run. You could repurchase the game probably quite cheaply given its age (or a package containing it such as the X SuperBox) from Steam or any other suitable online supplier.
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