Will the ore or silicons in a asteroid ever run out ?

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Will the ore or silicons in a asteroid ever run out ?

Post by Ramstone » Tue, 23. Jan 07, 08:35

Is there a maximum amount of ores or silicons you can mine on a asteroid ?

Or, when you collect the rocks using the "Collect Ore" command, what does those rocks turn into ?

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Post by Ezequeel » Tue, 23. Jan 07, 08:58

well to me i dont think they run out .

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Post by pjknibbs » Tue, 23. Jan 07, 09:17

They don't ever run out if you put a mine on the asteroid. If you blow it up and collect the ore using an ore collector, then there's a limit--it's quite a large limit, though (I got more than 400 units of Nividium from a yield 8 asteroid).

As for what they turn into, what do you mean? They stay the same as the asteroid they came from--an ore asteroid gives you ore, silicon gives silicon, and Nividium gives Nividium.

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Post by Kazuma » Tue, 23. Jan 07, 09:18

Ore/Si fabs placed on a rock dont run out; deformable rocks (ones you can blow up, and "scoop up", with an ore collector do... kinda, but eventually respawn; a handy trick for cleaning up some sectors like siezwell, and scale plate green.

As far as the fabs go... I like to think of it in generic terms such as... this rock represents a whole buncha rocks; and the fab is just latched onto the biggest one... if that makes any sense at all. :roll:

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