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Post by Zorin1985 » Fri, 22. Apr 11, 05:08

The sites are dead. I dont think your files are around anymore.

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Post by Buck_Rogers » Fri, 22. Apr 11, 08:02

Erm.....................I just tried dowloading the emp. It is still available from the site hosted by LV and also .spk download 2 and Rar download 2 are still working.

The others however are not.
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Post by DaWilko » Fri, 29. Apr 11, 05:21

Hi guys, recently came back to X3TC and decided to try out this mod.

I went for the Terran start, and purchased some mobile miners from one of the new ship hubs.

Oddly, they keep flying up to rocks, doing nothing and then moving on. Not sure but I think its to do that the only turret is in the back.

Any ideas on how I am suppose to get a miner hauler actually mining?

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Post by jlehtone » Fri, 29. Apr 11, 08:56

DaWilko wrote:Hi guys, recently came back to X3TC and decided to try out this mod.
:gruebel: Having your post in X3R EMP mod's thread, I'm not sure what "this mod" is.

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Post by ihanna » Thu, 31. May 12, 16:10

Dioltas As Dia wrote:EDIT2: New Question/Troubleshooting

I unzipped the 06.dat and .cat files to the main X3 directory (and didnt overwrite anything as there was no other 06's). As said it acts as a false patch so it can work with other Mods.
I went and proceeded with creating a script using one of the new TwareT commands (#96 or 10203). Which worked fine when i hadnt a Mod running.

But for some reason the ware in question never appeared when using the DeadlyDa preview Mod. I dont have any other mods so i cant test it but im wondering is that the preview Mod specific or is it all mod's in general?

Any help is appreciated


It also did not appear on me when I'm using the DeadlyDa preview Mod. I am also curious for finding the answer to his question, I'll say thanks in advance if you will answer.
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Post by Ghizmo » Thu, 10. Dec 15, 12:51

Sites are indeed dead, does anyone still have the EMP SPK files?
If needed, I wouldn't mind hosting them for others to download them.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 10. Dec 15, 12:56

Cycrow has the files still hosted on his new site:

Please note though, if you're using the Plugin Manager (especially the new one), it already comes with its own version of the EMP. You shouldn't install the EMP manually then, afaik.
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Post by Ghizmo » Thu, 10. Dec 15, 13:09

ah good point.

If the topic for the plugin manager has the newest version in it. I won't need this then. But I suppose ill get the plugin manager from his new website first then, to make sure I have the latest.


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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 10. Dec 15, 18:31

The latest one is the one linked in the TC forum. The TC/AP version works on X3R as well.

Havn't actually updated the main site with all the correct links yet, keep getting distracted and forgetting about it :P

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