Gate to Unknown Sector in Maelstrom

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Gate to Unknown Sector in Maelstrom

Post by joemancxl » Fri, 30. Dec 05, 09:35

I posted this a while back and didn't get an answer, so I'll try again...

I've been searching through the Maelstrom sector for the unknown sector gate that I know is there. It's a huge nebula sector with no visibility and I'm really tired of hunting in a giant empty space when I could be fighting enemies elsewhere. Can anyone give me a clue as to where I can find the gate?

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Post by Sirus5 » Fri, 30. Dec 05, 10:44

If LordSuch has updated his "sector planner " (which you will find in the sticky guide at the top of the foum).....

My latest version of the plugin "Sector Viewer" will give you that!!!

It will let you know every sector's factory positions and optionally gate positions at startup of X3... Factorys may however br destroyed and respawn elsewhere so I have asked LordSuch if there is any possibility of him or anyone else researching how we might find them again....

Stevo Primus
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Gate to Unknown Sector in Maelstrom

Post by Stevo Primus » Fri, 30. Dec 05, 11:58

Fly West young man....... for precisely 181km from the centre of the sector.

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Post by al_main » Fri, 30. Dec 05, 14:20

Try following a transport flying through the sector.

Tho its hard work keeping it safe from all the pirate ships!

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