West gate in Maelstrom.

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West gate in Maelstrom.

Post by A_Sebastian » Wed, 23. Nov 05, 17:50

Does anyone have the coordinates on this yet? I have been looking for over an hour. I am sure that I probably just blew right by it at like 1km or so out of my range but I am just sick of looking.


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Post by Dunners » Wed, 23. Nov 05, 17:55

Its way off the beaten track to the West about -100Km off the ecliptic....


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Post by tpsabre » Wed, 23. Nov 05, 17:57

If I remember correctly. Been about a month since I've messed w/ X3.

After warping in , set your map to 16.0km ( ie: one zoom out iirc ).

Now set your course for the "W" (West grid line marker). You should find it.


For the next gate it was around the SW quad. About in the middle of that quarter area of the map. FYI , there's a load (10ish , I stopped counting) Squash Mines. After I located the Gate or the 1st Squash mine I carefully moved to 1.5km and blasted the mine. Any closer and I took damage in my Mamba Raider ( one 25mw shield ).



edit: oh, one more thing. the Nova out there only moves at like a speed of 60ish ( maybe it was 70ish ) with a speed cap at 170-175ish. Even with the engine upgrades maxed out I found it a bit too slow. your mileage may vary :)

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