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Post by PHOENIXHEAT » Mon, 29. Apr 13, 22:52

Hey Doubleshadow your download site is blocked. I wanted to update the X3 files I have as I not long ago re-installed X3:R after playing x3:AP for last several months and this is what I get when trying to access your site. See link: ... Even accessing your site from the link's added in this thread are being blocked. I'm not sure you're aware of your site being blocked so thought it good idea just in case to let you know.

Terran Jupiter
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Post by Terran Jupiter » Sat, 7. Jan 17, 23:18

Hi all i have created a map and added it to a new folder that i called maps then i extracted from X3 Editer 2 the jobs and job wings files to a folder i called X4 and then i put that folder into my addon folder in X3 AP which is where my X4 Map foler is but nothing happends when i load up game i got my map but no AI Ships doing things what am i doing wrong?

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