To EVERYONE reporting a possible bug or error

Ask here if you experience technical problems with X³: Reunion, X²: The Threat, X-Tension or X-Beyond The Frontier

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To EVERYONE reporting a possible bug or error

Post by The_Abyss » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 00:18

When reporting a possibile bug or error for fixing or for confirmation, it is absolutely pointless to just say something like "My PC keeps freezing" etc.

Please, as an absolute minimum, post the following:

- Operating system
- CPU, graphics card, memory, sound system
- game version (e.g. X3 2.0.02)
- exact nature of the problem, and any error message involved
- sector location in the game and scenario
- type of game played, e.g. plot or non-plot
- whether you have any scripts/mods installed

The instructions in this FAQ entry explain how to generate and post a DXDiag report, which is by far the most useful way to present your system specifications as it contains things such as driver and codec details which are not always easy to find otherwise.

Failing to provide this information will make it more difficult for people to help you and may mean that it takes longer for your problem to be identified and hopefully solved.

Please also take the time to check and see if your problem has already been reported, and if so then use the existing thread. Note that similar symptoms don't necessarily mean the same cause, so if in doubt feel free to start a new thread.

Note: If you are running any third party scripts or mods then you will almost certainly be asked to reproduce the problem in an unmodified game before any support can be provided. Support for third party scripts and mods must be provided by the authors of the content, and any requests for such support should be posted in the appropriate thread in the Scripts and Modding forum.

Thank you.


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