[CHEAT] God Mode - v1.1 2005-11-13 *Update*

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Re: Great idea but...

Post by Klyith » Mon, 22. Jan 07, 00:32

davidglenn wrote:Your links dont work man im but they just dont. Try hosting it somewhere else or check and make sure you typed it right.

Its not my security sysetm shut that down for a try and still no go.
Works fine here. Maybe your ISP?

Try this:

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God Mode Script

Post by tlitschel » Tue, 6. Feb 07, 03:58

I tried to download thid script, but the page is nolonger active, anyone else have the script?

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Re: God Mode Script

Post by BlackRazor » Tue, 6. Feb 07, 10:54

tlitschel wrote:I tried to download thid script, but the page is nolonger active, anyone else have the script?
Klyith's link works perfectly for me, try again.
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Post by Hegemonia » Mon, 12. Mar 07, 10:32


i think your link is broken. could you check and repost?

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Post by A dJ » Mon, 12. Mar 07, 17:46

Unbelievable doesn't anybody read anymore nowadays, check a few posts up for a working link.

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Post by Flappy » Sat, 31. Mar 07, 00:32

Thx Klyith!!!!
Been searching nuclear's site for it with no joy,and had also searched my Back-Ups to no avail. You're a life saver!!
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Post by danielhumphries50 » Thu, 5. Apr 07, 13:45

why doesn't the god mode work oos it's kind of stupid to go nick a k or j and have it blow up on the way back
damn that post was as good as that girl last night god she can move her body shame is she was a twisted lady ouch :->

very funny vid

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Post by netsforex » Thu, 7. Jun 07, 16:04

danielhumphries50 wrote:why doesn't the god mode work oos it's kind of stupid to go nick a k or j and have it blow up on the way back
did you try redoing the god cheat for everytime you enter a new ship?

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Post by darkedone02 » Wed, 4. Jul 07, 08:05

how you activate this mod? do I just press r on the god mode cheat in the script editor?

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Post by WaddleDoodle » Sat, 14. Jul 07, 17:40

I'm having a bit of difficulty with this also. I bought X3 off of Steam. I'm currently on v 2.0.02.

I try to run the script, but it won't let me call my ship as the argument. The most I can get it to do is call "null". When I'm done, the running script in the little task manager thing looks like this : " nuke.cheat.godmode: null"

What am I doing wrong? I'm given 2 options for arguments, null and choose ship, and when I try to call my ship, it comes up with a box of no arguments, and runs the script. However, when I get into a battle, I'm quickly destroyed.

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Post by Cycrow » Sun, 15. Jul 07, 03:14

it should add a command slot in the ships additional commands, you just activate that on your ship

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Post by Papaya_freak » Wed, 29. Aug 07, 00:08

These are some temp locations for the file for those having trouble with dif links

Delta - Thanks nirwin for this, worked fine for me

at least one should work for you and remember to always scan your downloads!!!

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Post by barracuda231 » Tue, 25. Sep 07, 14:22


i cant download the godmode, it keeps coming up

page cannot be displayed

can anyone help

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Post by lukky-luke » Wed, 31. Oct 07, 23:36

Hi i was wandering if there is also a .spk version of this script? I found the update in .spk format but cant seem to find the original script file in .spk? Anyone knows where to find it?

Thx in advance. Greets D.

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Post by boltneck » Thu, 10. Jan 08, 19:21

Can't find god mode due to "The Web site you are looking for is unavailable due to its identification configuration settings." Obviously God is on holiday.

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