Finishing the Stoer..what's'name mission!

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Finishing the Stoer..what's'name mission!

Post by Mercenary » Thu, 14. Nov 02, 19:05

A rather bizarre occurance, completed nearly all Stoarbeaker mission but didn't get offered the last part to go save the station from the Orinocos when I first did it.

Since then I've completed several short missions like stop the freighter crashing, transport some retro-virus, and even the Perseus mission. Now I've just visited the Boron Equipment Dock in Kingdom End and I've just been given the last part...

I just assumed as I'd kept one of the fighters and sold the freighter rather than destroy it I somehow missed out on doing the last bit.

Just a little bit surprised that after all this time I get to finally finish the mission....

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Post by Stealth » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 15:18

Lucky guy. I always though the Stoerbreker mission was so bugged it would bloack all outher missions...

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