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Post by Woffin » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 01:46

Wow jon, :) I just keep being amazed by your work. Can I just ask how long one image would take from start to finish?


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Post by JonHandby » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 01:50

The time usualy depends on the ships.

Take the one called Convoy for example
theres 4 new ship classes in that image alone, each ship took one day to 'perfectly' design.
then came the image, that can take about 2hours to find perfect shot, then 15 mins rendering time. (depending on ammount of ships)
then i add lens flares, or lights, - 30 mins
then i do touch up work, smearing, adding flames, - 1 to 2 hours.
If theres beam cannons that can take 30 mins each. and if i make a new effect that can take a day.

so as you can see it depends.

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