[1454]4.10 BUG? Lost reputation without any ship or station engaged... (saves included, unmodded)

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[1454]4.10 BUG? Lost reputation without any ship or station engaged... (saves included, unmodded)

Post by silentradios » Wed, 13. Oct 21, 07:00

Edit: the last two incidents that came up since I made this post I found with the help of this comment:
Tempest wrote:
Wed, 11. Aug 21, 13:34
used to pause while the audio warnings landed "you will now suffer ... followed by a back n forth between the "offended" station and the faction-HQ, and manually look for the station with the open microphone icon.
Note for anyone finding this post that you have to look for the icon while paused when the station is talking... not sector security otherwise the icon isn't there. I suspect there isn't actually a bug here just me failing to find the notifications before the above tidbit. :(

For those wondering what the icon looks like:



4.10 (458643) English - Unmodified - PIO Start

I may just be missing something (and I'm not sure if this is a /bug/ or just hard to find given the current notification) but I've had quite a few MIN reputation loss events with no obvious cause. I have gone through every ship I have that would be in a MIN controlled sector and made sure my turrets are either disabled or set to defend only (in the case of miners and even patrol ships).

I have also gone through each sector during the last few events (I had MIN +20 at one point and I'm now down to MIN +6 and falling...) and not found anything obvious except two events ago.. The latest even did occur while one of my fleets is transiting MIN/TEL space but I don't see them engaged with anyone...

I agree with a few other posts 1 2 3 that it would be ideal if the notification actually gave you some information more than it just occurring (e.g. sector, station, source/target ship, a direct location arrow etc) but I didn't see any savegames in those posts so I figured I'd provide one although I suspect this might already be on the backlog to add more info.

I'm guessing it was an RHA ship or laser tower somewhere that my NPCs shot at / blew up in MIN space with defend on .. which it would be nice to tell them to never fire at RHA in sector XYZ to avoid this sort of stuff (as far as I can tell I can't do that with the fire authorization stuff).

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