Raspberry Pi for X

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Raspberry Pi for X

Post by jockthejake » Sun, 13. Oct 19, 19:17

Hi everybody.
I was thinking that way back in the day I used to run X - The Threat on a 1 gig processor with less that 2 gig of ram.
The modern Raspberry Pi 4 run faster than that and have more onboard ram as well.
Now I'm no techie, so what I was wondering was if it would be possible, do you think, if the source code for the older, previous iterations of X could be compiled to let the ARM processor in a Pi 4 run it?
Please let me know whet the rest of the Community thinks. I personnaly think it would be a great thing to do as it would allow the older, but still very cool games to be run.
Thanks a lot.

Alan Phipps
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Re: Raspberry Pi for X

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 14. Apr 20, 13:12

".. it would allow the older, but still very cool games to be run." What makes you think that the older X games can't be run on modern systems any more?

If you just want a Pi solution for its own sake or as a technical challenge then that is more of an Off Topic discussion.
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