Did you know: skateboard today is completely different from

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Did you know: skateboard today is completely different from

Post by johnnybyron » Fri, 2. Nov 18, 15:44

In the past, old school skateboards were very popular (they were born around the 1930s), but today these boards are no longer accessible and somewhat outdated. People use the term "old school skateboard" for skateboards produced since the 80s of the 20th century, but they are also called by another name "classic skateboard."
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We cannot determine the shape and origin of old school skateboard boards, but we can see that old school skateboards began to grow most actively in the 1980s. Over time, skateboard became more popular and keeping up with the times, even if skateboards are produced from the 80s or 1930s, there are differences with a modern skateboard that kids use today.


We will make some differences so that you can compare between old school skateboard and modern skateboard. The old school skateboard has little concave, hardboard surface, the player is tough to control and can hardly show off his skills. When using this type of skateboard, you need to be skillful to manage them.

The old school skateboard also has a small nose and a square shape at the end. Unlike the old school skateboard, modern skateboard today have dramatic changes. Improved experts help players quickly perform aerial movements. The modern skateboard nose is more significant and more prominent than the old school skateboard; the tail is also much more significant. Besides, narrow deck and truck, the wheels are smaller and more flexible. All the above improvements of modern skateboard help skaters maximize their techniques, while also ensuring safety for skaters.

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Currently, the old school skateboard is still in use, but the number is not much because the market trend changes, and the players want to use the sliding boards more features. Understanding these factors, skateboard manufacturing companies are increasingly improving their products, using the best materials, and the prices are also extremely reasonable.

Although old school skateboard is no longer famous, you should still respect them; this is an critical premise for today's modern skateboard.

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Re: Cargo Ships ignoring highways for empty space..

Post by Zloth2 » Sat, 3. Nov 18, 04:49

What zone is that? Home of Light DLC has some funky things set up in certain sectors.

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