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Post by SirDeathwalker » Tue, 23. Feb 16, 21:30

I think he was referring to this

remove rock/debris from universe

removing all minable asteroids from universe could be ultimately detrimental to the 'economy'

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Post by DrBullwinkle » Tue, 23. Feb 16, 23:13

tearing wrote:i can't find destroy asteroid mod/script
Link updated.

There are several ways to remove rocks:

I prefer Laux's approach because it is reversible. You will need to renumber the .cat/.dat pair to the next-higher-two-digit number in your X3TC or X3TC\addon folder: Remove Rocks (Mini Asteriods) (Laux)

As SirDeathWalker suggested, Graxster's Graxster's Remove Rocks from Universe is a more permanent approach. (You can always MAKE rocks, by breaking asteroids, if you desire).

A third approach is Remove Rocks 1.03 (author unknown). This script has options that allow you to remove all rocks from a sector, from the entire universe, or to merely reduce the number of rocks and debris, which may be desirable in some sectors.

Regarding your other questions, ask in the relevant threads and the authors of those threads will be notified.

I like Ketraar's Marking Unknown Sectors (MUS) because it is easy to modify to name sectors exactly as you prefer. The download link is broken, as are many links to the old x1tp site. You can search the new xdownloads.co.uk to get the new link. In this case it is Marking Unknown Sectors (MUS) (Download Only)

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Post by tearing » Wed, 24. Feb 16, 10:24

that link works

there is some miss understanding because of my poor choice of words

actually at that time i need to remove some huge asteroid (not rocks) from player sector
they are blocking trading lanes and will makes my ut / ai traders hit each other when i am IS

anyway its fixed already. thank you for your assistance

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Post by Avatar of darkness » Tue, 16. Aug 16, 09:11

Please help me to find fix, which removes annoying cubes near the Aragon transport. Seems, I saw this fix somewhere here.
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Post by SlicerShanks » Wed, 31. Aug 16, 22:54

I don't know if this has been posted, but I was looking at a script that was put out for a "warp drive", where one travels at SETA speeds, but without the time dilation, just making your ship go real fast like cruise drive in Freelancer. They posted links to their scripts but its been almost ten years since that forum got updated so the links are obviously dead.

I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar since. Thanks so much guys!

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Post by Jaycen_Aelis » Wed, 7. Sep 16, 03:49

Purely for RP/Immersion/Fun purposes--is there a mod that changes the "Pilot" name for player-owned ships? Instead of all being "Player Name", we get random (or even better, hireable) name generation? Specifically I'm talking about things smaller than an M6--cuz I know you can get a Sector/Universe Trader running, and of course there's Lucike's scripts for cap ships...
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sun, 11. Sep 16, 18:14

Well, in theory you can start either the Commodity Logistics software, Commercial Agent or Sector Trader command once, let it assign a Pilot and end that command then. The pilot will stay on that ship and you can do whatever you want with it.

Edit: typo.
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Post by Jaycen_Aelis » Mon, 12. Sep 16, 15:30

Huh--I'll have to look into that. Thanks...but isn't that just restricted to Transporter-class ships?
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 12. Sep 16, 17:41

No, it's not just Transporter ships. A variety of ship classes can be used to start the commands:
Commercial Agent wrote:Ship Equipment

● A small class ship (M3, M4, M5, M8, TM, TS or TP) or corvette class (M6)
Commodity Logistics Software wrote:Equipment and Prerequisites

● A small class ship/transporter (M3, M4, M5, M8, TM, TS, TP or TL) or a ship of the corvette class (M6)
[FAQ] What are the requirements for a MK3 trader (Sector/Local/Universe Trader)? wrote: ST/LT requirements:
● Ship type M4, M3, M6, TS, TP, or TM
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Post by Gibbynator » Fri, 14. Sep 18, 05:32

Couldn't decide what sin is more evil: not reading the announcement/sticky, or necroing the thread the sticky said to use.
Hopefully I picked the lesser evil. :wink:

Anyways, seems it has been a while since the index has been updated, and to be honest even that was quite overwhelming. I've spent a solid 10 hours browsing around (of course not in one sitting) and now I'm even less sure on what I want.

Background: My first X game was X:Rebirth (yeah, I know). I played it vanilla, and got bored once I had a fleet of 10 galaxy-destroying Fulmekrons and wiped out Maelstorm. I used a small set of mods later in my save that mainly fixed bugs and annoyances. I then decided to play a real X game and tried out X3AP, and immediately thought wow, this reminds me of my dark days of EVE online. I sunk a good 150 hours in, got my PHQ, and kicked some Argon butt with the Terrans because I had 6 Tyrs, 2 Kyotos, 3 Tokyos, and some Tigers and felt like being a jerk. Went back to X:Rebirth after a humiliating defeat at Omicron Lyrae, and discovered the joy that is the New Frontier mod Marvin and BlackRain put together. Easily sunk another 100+hours on a new start and I'm still enjoying it.

Now though, it's time for some mods in X3AP. I don't care about my power bill, and my rigs are both more than capable of taking some abuse. So lay it on me, what's the best way for me to lose all semblance of a social life? 8)

A rough list of what I'm looking for:

More ships.
  • Yeah, there's a lot of them already when compared to X:Rebirth, but more is always nice.
    I'd prefer a balance, but it's not a game-breaker for me if there's an objectively better ship in there like the M0 Valhalla or M2+ I. (as long as I could somehow obtain one 8) )
    I do like the Vanilla ships and factions, and would prefer not to lose them.

More weapons (at the very least, for the Terrans).
  • I was kinda sad that the biggest jerks of the galaxy that are canonically one of the most technically advanced could only use 4 weapons and a small selection of missiles, and most were trumped by a Commonwealth weapon.
    I don't particularly mind race-locked equipment or shared equipment, but they all should have a good selection that are reasonably competitive. Maybe the terrans have a weapon that turns capships into scrapped ships, but their M4 and M5s get shredded by a Commonwealth M5 weapon.

More automation.
  • I like the CLS, CA, and TSMk3 as much as anyone, but they are kinda a bit too "micro-managy" for my taste. I like how I can simply tell a warehouse or production station in X:Rebirth what to buy and sell at, give them some ships, and let the manager make the profitsssss.
    Not having to manually equip M0-M3 and M6-M8 or exploit the equipment duplication bug to equip a fleet would be nice too.
    Same goes for missiles. It's like 300 stations making missiles needed just to fully stock one player-owned M7M, where the NPC factions pump them out ready to waste my mosquito missile defence stocks.
    Also, if I promise to be a good boy and not cheat the Stock Exchange with a TL loaded up with Teladi cocaine (nividium, let's be real they all snort the stuff) can I get some automation there, like auto-sells at a certain threshold or even an alert when I hit some big milestone in profitsssss?

A couple QoL enhancements.
  • I might do a DiD or something in the future if I get good, so I'd like not to have a game ruined by flying an M4 through a jumpgate into an M2's business end.
    I also would prefer not to have to leave my game running on SETA when I leave for work so I can come home to a PHQ-built Valhalla and the equipment from my factories to set it up with. You know what I mean.
    Also, OOS Q battles. A fleet of 3 M2s armed to the teeth with a bunch of battle-crazed Split on board should have no problem shredding an M7. Heck, they could easily USS Ramhorn it with barely a dent in the hull. But nope, OOS rules state that the Q will win. If you jump in before combat begins though, the Q will get properly turned into Xenon scraps.

Proper wars.
  • The Terran/Argon conflict seemed to consist of a lot of random SETA-cancelling "we're now attacking... Asteroid Belt. Get to it." followed by a fleet that may or may not wipe out the sector. Unlike a Q battle, I could turn the tide OOS or IS with a fat fleet of M2s and some M1-carried fighters/flak-equipped M7s, with the exception of Core sectors.
    Capturing Core sectors should be incredibly difficult, but realistic. IS or OOS, every time I attacked Omicron Lyrae I would either watch my ships get turned to popcorn by the local defenses and reinforcements, or leave the OOS map to go fly myself and a TL with some new stations into a nearly destroyed Omicron Lyrae only to jump in to the whole sector fully respawned, with several Rapid Response vessels dumping Hammers and Tomahawks mercilessly at my fleet. That wasn't fair in the slightest.

  • Maybe I just suck or I'm too spoiled with X:Rebirth, but getting a proper boarding fleet trained up in vanilla seems as much a timekiller as making a Valhalla.
    It's sure as heck a lot harder to keep shields suppressed and trash enough weapons to keep my poor marines from getting wrecked. I think a good number of them got hit with friendly fire as much as they did from enemy fire. Maybe a pirate's life isn't for me in X3AP, but that just seemed a lot harder than it should have been from start to finish.
Other stuff I'm not thinking of, or things you'd consider a "must-have". Yep, the generic, overused one. I'm open to other suggestions beyond the list I have.

All of that being said, currently I'm thinking of trying a fresh start of Litcube's Universe after lurking around. Seems like it has most of the stuff I'm looking for, and isn't going to need me to mess with the Plugin Manager. That being said, since I'm doing a fresh start, if there are more mods I'm missing that would require a fresh start to work, I'd rather start with them and not need to worry about it later.
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Post by Jonzac » Fri, 14. Sep 18, 07:04

Mayhem. Remake of Litcube. Everything you want is in there

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Post by Gibbynator » Fri, 14. Sep 18, 16:00

To make sure I'm not looking at the wrong things (I can read and follow install directions, don't worry):

1. Fresh install of X3AP. Delete the bonus pack and add the nosteam exe.

2. Litcube's Universe patched to 1.7.2, with the soundtrack and GUI (is the remake something different/not on this page? If so, do you have a link to it, a Google search turned up nothing)

3. Mayham 2.7.4


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Post by Gibbynator » Mon, 17. Sep 18, 01:27

I gave it a try for about 15 hours, and I think I really just was looking for the "claim sector" mechanics from Mayhem. Litcubes has everything else I wanted.

I was looking forward to the Saturn Complexes (disabled by Mayhem), and losing the ability to construct ships at NPC shipyards isn't what I would like. Is there any way I could either re-enable the NPC shipyard sales/Saturn Complexes or extract the "claim sector" script and hotkey out of Mayhem? Or perhaps another script is out there that does the same thing?

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