So, it this a bug or a feature? (TC)

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So, it this a bug or a feature? (TC)

Post by JJRSC » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 16:24

So my main game in TC I have been playing since late 2013, and it is very, very late in the game. Finished all the plots ages ago, have just been building up my organization, blockading all the Xenon gates, building complexes everywhere, yadda yadda yadda. As you can imagine, have noticed a bit of lag here and there with my PC since there is so much happening in the universe in this game, especially when compared to a new game.

So anywhoo, I have noticed recently that occasionally when I go to jump through a gate (not a TOA) that sometimes I'll just go through the gate with out jumping to a new sector. So now I'm wondering, is that just a glitch b/c my pc is overwhelmed with everything going on in the game in the background... or is it some clever foreboding of the gate failures we glimpse in AP and see everywhere in XR?

What do you guys think?

Bill Huntington
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Post by Bill Huntington » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 17:24

I've noticed it when I go through the gate very fast, as with a Kestral with Turbo 1. I think in that case there's a certain exact position that triggers the jump if your ship is there when the computer checks. A fast ship can already be past the point.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 18:40

Bill probably has it quite right. The faster the ship on entry and the less frames per second being displayed, the more likely that it happens.

One related 'issue' that was funny was when people used to mod in long ship engine trails. The ship jumped through the gate but sometimes leaving a trail inside the far gate that still counted as part of the ship. This triggered an almost immediate jump back again. Jump gate ping-pong sometimes ensued. :D
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Post by JJRSC » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 18:49

Hmmm... interesting. The last time it happened to me I was in a Kestrel, as a matter of fact - no turbo booster though. But it has happened to me several times in a Zephyrus. I know a Zeph is fast for a transport, but... :gruebel:

That all makes sense though... my FPS certainly isn't what it was when I started this game :goner:

Well, if the game is going to glitch, the glitch may as well fit in with the lore :roll:

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Post by radcapricorn » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 23:28

This can happen in a fresh game as well, all you need is a busy sector, a fast ship, and flying into a gate at 10x SETA. Like Bill suggested, it's a classic case of tunneling: game's collision detection fails to detect that you went through the gate, as you cover too great a distance between frames. A first-person shooter equivalent would be glitching through a wall or floor.
Same deal in Rebirth: any hitch in FPS can lead to you or enemies going through walls.

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Post by Sovereign01 » Tue, 28. Aug 18, 17:06

I just had that happen to me for the first time, in my case it was the South gate in Savage Spur. The huge complex I had in that sector might have had something to do with it though... :D

And that I was flying my Springblossom! :lol:
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Post by TTD » Sat, 1. Sep 18, 20:07

yup...that problem been around a long time. It usually happened to me when I iovertuned a ship for speed. You might even find my comments about it from years ago.

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Post by Triaxx2 » Sun, 2. Sep 18, 18:52

Gate Pingpong was totally a vanilla thing. On the Discoverer for instance the vanilla engine trail is long enough to cover it if you holding the tab accelerator.
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Post by jlehtone » Sun, 2. Sep 18, 19:49

Triaxx2 wrote:Gate Pingpong was totally a vanilla thing. On the Discoverer for instance the vanilla engine trail is long enough to cover it if you holding the tab accelerator.
Regular exploit too. X3R, delivery missions. I had Yaki M5 Raijin Raider with jumpdrive. Have to get something somewhere, on a clock, possibly multiple destinations. Not quite enough fuel.

Solution: Jump one Gate short, then hit Boost. Voila, you got sucked through one more Gate into your real destination Sector. Saving 5 ECells per jump might not be much, but every Empire starts from something.
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