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X: Universe RPG

Post by JAV1L15 » Wed, 8. Aug 18, 10:16

Hello X Fans!

I contacted Egosoft in early April for a University project involving the tabletop conversion of their videogame IP. Bernd himself responded with enthusiasm, and I set to work!

For those of us creating Role-playing game rulebooks among the study group, the goal was to not complete the project, but make as much as we could in the given time frame. I got a fair bit done, and at the conclusion of Semester 1 I had planned to complete the RPG in my own time before sharing with Egosoft and the Community. Unfortunately I was just never able to find the time to, life has a way of demanding attention!.

Having just started Semester 2, I realize that my next opportunity to properly work on this will be Christmas time. That is quite the wait, so I decided that sharing what I have now was for the better. I personally feel that there is still much work to be done, and I'm hoping that with the help and input of you guys I can finally complete this passion project. The formatting is pretty bare bones, but it'll have to do for now.

I hope you all like what you see :)

Dropbox Link to a PDF:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4uevbmxwt811 ... G.pdf?dl=0

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Post by TTD » Wed, 15. Aug 18, 20:33

interesting idea, but the dice roll splitting thing just loses me.

would like to read agin when it is all polished up.

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