Kha'ak Carrier Fix?

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Kha'ak Carrier Fix?

Post by TechSY730 » Sun, 22. Jul 18, 19:59

According to the wiki:
The docking bay of the Kha'ak carrier is bugged, causing it to not be able to dock anything. Does anyone know what is wrong with it and how to fix it?
(Presumably the same fix will also work for the Kha'ak Queen)

If it requires edits to the model, I can't do that on my setup (I'm on Linux, and there isn't a practical way to get modeling software to read X3's model format that I am aware of on Linux), so if this is the case, has anyone else done this?
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Post by Flippi » Sun, 22. Jul 18, 20:33

The Kha'ak M1 (and the Queen, as it uses the same model), have the old X2 Hangar bays that don't work any more. You need to actually change the model, which is a rather large thing.

All Kha'ak ships are basically still on X2 level. The new Kha'ak fighters Egosoft made, are rotting in the game files. And I don't know exactly where the X2 models are, so people have to search for them first. They are probably in that one folder with the thousand files that have only numbers as names. So lots of fun finding the models.

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Post by Raider480 » Fri, 10. Aug 18, 11:06

I can't speak for what exactly is wrong with the Carrier, other than as above. That is, it's all crusty X2 stuff that doesn't necessarily work anymore. But, the XTC team did manage to fix the Carrier that included their own replacement for the old hangar. Backporting that to straight AP was the best way I found to make the ship work again, outside of committing to an XTC installation.

I actually have both a modded base game, and a modded XTC installation, so the only real trouble was getting a handle on all of the new XTC assets. That was nearly a year ago though, on an old system, and I'm still rebuilding my installations again. I can tell you some of what I remember doing though.

This all included both copying over XTC's TShips entry, and creating analogous entries in the game's Components file for some of the new animated bits. I'm not specifically sure whether XTC used new assets to accomplish this in particular, but it wouldn't surprise me. Fortunately all of that is fairly well organized, so it shouldn't be too hard to suss out the necessary models/textures.

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