Simple Combat Bailing Plugin v1 [TC][AP]

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Simple Combat Bailing Plugin v1 [TC][AP]

Post by joseph99 » Wed, 4. Jul 18, 14:40

This is a simple little plugin that I wrote for personal use. It works in both Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude. It will probably be compatible with other mods as well.
In simple terms, this is a combat rank based extension to the games in built capture system. In other words it adds a little capturing mini game for you to play that's fun and effective. It takes skill, patience and persistence to play so this is by no means a cheat. It's based on your combat rank. The higher you're combat rank, the more effective the plugin is. I've put over 60 hours worth of game play in using this since I wrote it and it works well. It's serious fun to play with.

"Bert Danik? The capture king? Yeah this old pirate still remembers him. I remember him when he was a young green horn, never mind the fully fledged X-treme pilot he became. He used the same tactics every time. He would get in close, strip their shields and he'd give the hull a little dent to intimidate them. Then he would dance around them just hitting them enough to keep their shields down. He'd do this sometimes with several ships at once and one by one they'd all bail like cowards. Some sooner than others. I watched him bring down a Titan once using nothing more than a nova. I watched as the 'abandon ship' order was given and they all ejected in to space. I watched his crew board that Titan and claim it. I watched him then scoop up the crew, no doubt to be sold as slaves. Yeah I remember Bert alright. He was one hell of a pirate."

Extra info:

-Ion disrupters are very handy
-Every ship bails. You just need to be persistent
-Larger ships eject multiple space suits as the crew abandon ship
-A ship needs to be targeting you for attack. You must be in combat with your target.
-You need boarding crews to claim larger ships but they are easy targets.

That's it. That's all I'm telling you about this. Just read the lore and figure the rest out for yourself :)

One Drive

Edit: I have no idea why the url link isn't working in the post but the links there for download.

Edit: Fixed the url, which the forum software did not catch properly due to the exclamation mark. See this FAQ article for reference. X2-Illuminatus
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Post by Joubarbe » Wed, 4. Jul 18, 14:56

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