Just watched the Twitch X3:AP stream on YouTube..

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Just watched the Twitch X3:AP stream on YouTube..

Post by BugMeister » Fri, 11. May 18, 13:27

..XenonSlayer and Lothari playing X3:AP:

- bit late, I know
- but most enjoyable, thanks very much to you both.. :D :thumb_up:
- the whole universe is running in BETA mode - we're working on it.. beep..!! :D :thumb_up:

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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Fri, 11. May 18, 13:44

It was fun and I hope to do it again (and yes, we're aware it's been a while since the last ones)

I just so happened to play X3AP on my personal stream yesterday but in typical Xenon_Slayer fashion, I forgot to turn on Twitch stream recording. I'll maybe upload the local copy later but it's potato quality because my uprate isn't that great.

One thing I ended up doing was writing a script to output data to a logfile and having it displayed via OBS. I had one for total Xenon kills and another for my credits.
I'd be interested in any ideas people have for other fun or useful data we may put up for the next X3 stream.

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Post by DrSuperEvil » Fri, 11. May 18, 14:58

Maybe damage dealt per second?

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Post by Fallen-Angel » Tue, 19. Jun 18, 09:48

credits/min for MK3 traders?
credits/min for the player empire?
global "news" for G.O.D. spawned/destroyed stations?
global "news" for Xenon fleets invading faction space?

I'm a beginner with OBS and would be interested in how to make these logs visible on stream ..

Maybe it's time to start a fresh new X3-TC save live on Twitch .. :lol:
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Post by ubuntufreakdragon » Tue, 19. Jun 18, 11:00

Equipment forgot on sold ships
total Police licence bounty
deadly collisions with civilians
and you should start as Lost Lar
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Post by DrSuperEvil » Tue, 19. Jun 18, 15:35

When is your next twitch stream due?

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Post by Ketraar » Tue, 19. Jun 18, 15:41


That would be tomorrow.



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