Hub plot ship not spawning. Help?

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Hub plot ship not spawning. Help?

Post by HistoricalContext » Sat, 5. May 18, 03:08

I'm at my wit's end. I've scoured every Boron sector and every sector bordering their space, and I've not seen the Enhanced Dolphin I seem to be looking for. I've tried practically everything; I've scoured the forums, I've cleaned out my mission log, I also validated my files on Steam.

Nothing. Mahi Ma is nowhere to be found.

Any more hints for forcing him to show up? Or, failing that, is there some sort of script I can use to manually search for his ship?

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Post by Hemmingfish » Sat, 5. May 18, 04:14

Do you have the requirements? You need the boron rank of at least King's Knight and trade rank of at least Apprentice Trader.

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Post by HistoricalContext » Sat, 5. May 18, 04:18

I'm at Master Industrialist, and I'm a Boron Knight of the Kingdom.

Is there a chance that it was destroyed somehow? Or maybe it just didn't spawn at all? When I reacquired my validated files, something like 35 were missing. Could that have something to do with it?

Bill Huntington
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Post by Bill Huntington » Sat, 5. May 18, 04:52

Usually the guy is a pest. As soon as you've met the requirements, he's all over you whenever you're in a Boron sector. If you've gone through a few sectors, the plot could be broken. You've already explained how it could have happened in your game. Missing files?

Just start over. I hope you're not losing too much. And start building your chip plants as soon as you can, if you're going to do it. You really can't build too many or too soon.

I assume you're in TC. AP doesn't have the same HUB plot.
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Post by HistoricalContext » Sat, 5. May 18, 04:56

Hmm. I guess I can get a few days back fairly quickly over the weekend.

Thanks for the help!

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Post by modernrocko » Sat, 5. May 18, 04:57

I haven't played through the TC plots myself but I did a little searching and turned up an old thread with a similar problem to yours. That poster was also unable to locate him and used a custom-made script to locate him (which is no longer available unfortunately). Turns out he had wandered off into a nearby Split sector. Maybe check neighboring sectors and see if he's hanging out by a jumpgate somewhere? Sorry I can't be of more help. Here's the thread I found in case there's any relevant info there for you:

Are you playing TC, or AP with the TC plots enabled? That might make a difference, I'm not sure though. Good luck.

EDIT: Keep your save file if you decide to start a new game! You never know, someone might come through with an answer for you here! :)

EDIT 2: I did find another thread talking about him being missing and someone else said that his ship is invincible. So if that's true, it's unlikely that it got blown up.

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Post by Triaxx2 » Sat, 5. May 18, 14:34

Park in Kingdom End for a couple hours.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 5. May 18, 15:53

Have you kept looking since the validation and repair? Now that you meet the requirements with a correct game install, the plot should trigger - if it is not already running.

Check your player log in case some contact message is listed there that you missed in real time.

Also look in your ship encyclopedia and see if you have a Boron Enhanced Dolphin TS listed there. If you have then you must have already encountered the plot ship at some stage.

Good luck.
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Post by Snafu_X3 » Fri, 11. May 18, 05:05

Most important: AP or TC? Modded in any way?

I can't remember now, but I don't think 'Knight of the Kingdom' is the same thing as 'King's Knight'; either way there may be a partial rank requirement too (same with trade rank). Best lvl up both to be sure..

The Enhanced Dolphin isindestructible until you start the quest, so all you have to do is find it. Alan's suggestion that it may have wandered into a Xenon sector is valid, altho IIRC the ED 'magically' transports itself around to your nearest friendly Boron sector once the plot is enabled (ie all requirements met)
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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Fri, 11. May 18, 09:11


Could you host your savegame somewhere so we could take a look. It's been a while since I looked into that mission so I can't offer advice off-hand.

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