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Post by Killjaeden » Wed, 18. Apr 18, 18:18

A5PECT wrote:I wasn't a fan of the alpha/beta/gamma system, and was glad to see it done away with in AP. Weapon design like that is overly graduated distinction with no real difference.
No Difference? What? The difference between alpha and gamma was significant.
Stuff added in TC (not AP) was no different from A/B/G system other than name and minor stats. Ion Cannon, PPC, IBL - all the same, except name and bullet graphic - could as well have been Beta and Gamma PPC.
PRG was like an IRE beta version (fast firing, stronger). PBG (the flame throwers) which just substituted the Alpha PSG .
CIG where like Beta HEPT or APPC - longer range, more power, more draw.

It just made weapon selection more confusing for new players. ABG System you need to learn the role of one weapon, and then have different sizes of it. Very easy to grasp. AP you need to memorize every weapon one by one - and yet there are barely any differences.
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Post by gbjbaanb » Sat, 21. Apr 18, 14:20

dholmstr wrote: I just wonder why they they choose to go the one gun option on the players ship)
because in the FPS engine they used, you only equipped 1 gun at a time, swapping between shotgun, sniper rifle and chainsaw as needed....

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Post by adeine » Mon, 30. Apr 18, 11:13

Whichever selection we end up with, I hope there is a decent tactical choice for capital ships with satisfyingly effective anti-fighter/flak weaponry vs heavy/anti-capital weaponry.

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Post by Fulgrymm » Thu, 10. May 18, 03:29

I liked the ABG system, it added a degree of granulation to weapon power.

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