"Targeting" guns

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"Targeting" guns

Post by nan0guy » Wed, 18. Apr 18, 17:55

Does it make any difference where I shoot a target ship? On bigger ships, m6's and larger, I find that I can fairly repeatedly hit the guns, if I'm close enough, but i wonder if it's worth it. Can I knock them out?

I ask because when I am getting shot up, Betty starts listing off things that are getting broken - are they just randomly getting busted, or does it matter here the assailants are hitting me?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 18. Apr 18, 18:10

No, it does not matter. There's no subsystem targetting.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 18. Apr 18, 18:40

From your firing perspective, your own auto-aim function will usually target capitals' turrets when in range and not necessarily the centre of mass of the target. Any hit anywhere on the target does the same damage though (although due to RNG effects the hits by the same type of gun bullets from different bursts may do different amounts of damage).
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Post by nan0guy » Wed, 18. Apr 18, 19:45

Thanks for the quick replies!

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Post by NewtSoup » Thu, 19. Apr 18, 01:47

If you really want to take the teeth out of a ship, for instance before boarding then use a ship that can mount Ion Disruptors - For instance the Boron Skate or the Pirate BlastClaw

Ion Disruptors will destroy all internals and just leave hull and shields in place.
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Ramming the turrets

Post by Bill Huntington » Thu, 19. Apr 18, 17:08

Here's an interesting tidbit. I used to ram target ships as part a two ship boarding procedure. That was to get the final percentage points to zero or close. If I hit a turret on a Tyr, it worked just fine. If I hit anywhere else it destroyed the ship, even with a light touch.

So turrets seem identified.

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Post by jlehtone » Thu, 19. Apr 18, 18:39

I would presume that Alan's and Bill's observations relate to 3D object representation of a ship that object is used in collision detection. That might not look exactly as we see it. The object probably has vertices on it and the "auto-aim" selects the nearest vertex.

(I particularly dislike the Terran Tokyo, where turret/auto-aim logic grossly disagrees with my intuition about how to actually hit the nuisance.)

Turret placement is likely to align with those vertices.

Collision ... perhaps contact on vertex counts as "one", while hitting surface between vertices scores "multiple hits"?
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Post by Nanook » Fri, 20. Apr 18, 21:24

I usually turn auto-aim off when I'm attacking a large capital ship. Makes it easier to hit center-of-mass or wherever else I'm aiming.
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