Next Q&A Questions

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Next Q&A Questions

Post by Nikola515 » Sun, 11. Mar 18, 17:23

I found Q&A questions somewhat problematic for devs to find so I think it would be good idea to place them in one place instead all over forum. Feel free to add more.....


1) Will mining be similar to XR mining and how will it work (will ships be only way to mine minerals and gasses) ?

2) Will all sectors/star systems be self sufficient when it comes to mining materials ? For example in XR each system had everything needed for economy.....

3) Are we going to be able to mine all of the minerals in one zone or will they respawn so fast that we wont even notice (like in XR) ?

4) Will there be more different minerals to mine ?

5) Will mining ships still use drones to mine ?

NPC's and Player:

1) Will X4 be reusing XR NPC's ?

2) Are we going to able to walk away from conversation or we will need to wait until they are done talking?

3) Will NPC's have random conversations between them self (NPC to NPC small talk) ?

4) Will NPC's or Player be able to space walk ?

5) Will player be able to use repair gun like in X3TC/AP ?

6) Are we still going to have skill and job based NPC's and how will they work ? I noticed that on videos they wore all marked as pilots?


1) Will we have ships like M6 from X3 ? There is bomber (M8 ) but it mainly uses missiles.....

2) Will there be abandoned ships and how we will board them (space walks or teleport)?

3) How will damaged ships behave ? Will they have less power, speed or will modules get damaged ? I hope it is not like in X3 where I get little damage and I have to get all software again...

4) Will we be able to use ships turrets like in X3.

5) How many weapon turrets will capital ships have ?


1) Will we have special weapons with specials effects (like ion or mass drivers weapons)

2) Will there be missiles with special effects (like the one that can disable boosts in XR)

3) Wii some weapons use ammo ?

4) Will we be able to charge weapons ?

5) Player will be able to pilot capital ships but will we be able to fire its main weapons (if it has any)?

6) Are we going to use energy for weapons like in X3 or will they be more like XR where thy need to cool?


1) Will economy be more simple like in X3 or complex like in XR ? For example in X3 we needed ore, energy and food to build weapons while in XR we needed much more ?

2) Will solar power plants be free to operate like in XR ?

3) How will workforce effect stations ? Do we need to manually hire them or will they come on their own over time ?

4) Will there be luxury items that NPC's buy but they are not needed for economy (like microchips from X3) ?

5) Will different sectors have different perks ? For example in XR and X3 some sectors had 150% to 300% energy productions... Perhaps some sectors could produce wheat much faster do to sunlight (or something like that) ?


1) Will there be multi lock for missiles(fire multiple missiles at same time on multiple targets) ?

2) How long will average battle last between two same capital ships ? What I'm asking is will ships be durable or will they be week like in X3 ?

3) In one of videos there was talk about new ship behavior AI ? Can you tell us little more about it ?

4) How will capital ship boarding work ?

5) Will we be able to intercept ships while boosting (if we want to play as pirate) ?

Random questions :

1) How will reputation work in X4 ?

2) Will we have more freedom when giving ships/station jobs ? For example we could tell ships just to sell or buy items in X3 while in XR manager was doing all that for us.

3) Will there be early access for X4?
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Publishing of X4

Post by jrd417 » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 14:01

Will X4 be linked to Steam as X3AP and X-Rebirth are or will it be like X2 through X3TC where I can just buy the game and load it on my hard drive?

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Re: Publishing of X4

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 18:56

jrd417 wrote:Will X4 be linked to Steam as X3AP and X-Rebirth are or will it be like X2 through X3TC where I can just buy the game and load it on my hard drive?
X4 Q&A thread wrote:Will there be a box with CD release of the game? Even if I have to order it online and have it delivered, I'd rather have a CD with the full game.
Too early to say for certain but I would expect a similar release to XR, with boxed versions and through an online platform. Keep in mind that there is a NoSteam EXE for XR.
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Post by fisher 2000 » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 19:18

Do you have a good story planned out for this game which will respect the lore? (same for expansions)

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Post by Skeeter » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 20:26

To tie in with above story question. Did you hire a professional writer for the story and NPC interacts, hopefully a English one so it won't have translation issues for that demographic since that will be the biggest audience then translated to German, Spanish etc?
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Post by Nikola515 » Mon, 26. Mar 18, 09:20

I hope they hire someone who knows what they are doing. XR storyline was pretty good but it was missing missions, features & assets (station,ships, changing universe) and horrible dialogue. I can't keep but think how good game would have been if they improved on those things. Anyway I hope they do something about that too as well.

Speaking about that.... Will players have any effects on universe and I'm not just talking about building or destroying stations? Will player have any bigger role than previous titles ? For example frame faction in to war against each other (diplomacy & sabotage) or hack xenon to be your ally for short periods of time to destroy your enemies.
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