Xtended performance issues

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Xtended performance issues

Post by mice01 » Sun, 25. Feb 18, 03:59

Help needed. I have perfomance issues with X3TC Xtended frame rates. Very slow in SETA, and unplayable with many artifacts in sector (ships).
I thought it was my video card, so I upgraded, still no good.
I reduced anti aliasing etc etc, still no good.
I run Win10 Pro 64 bit
Intel 7700
16Gb fast ram
512SSD with raid secondary
GTX1070 Ti video.

Please tell me this is not a Win10 issue?
Any ideas to make frame rates faster?
Love Xtended.

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Post by Jack08 » Mon, 26. Feb 18, 03:11

Its possible its a win10 issue, i had one today myself.

Are you running in fullscreen mode? if not, try it.

Are you running a GSYNC monitor? if so, try turning it off for X3AP/X3TC.

Try forcing VSync off using the nvidia control panel.

If all that fails, try looking for more classic solutions to X3 issues, do you have FFmpeg or any other codec packs installed? these can cause issues for X. Also check to see if these problems persist in vanilla.
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