[SHIPS] Stargate, babylon 5 and other ships

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Post by puddlejumper5000 » Wed, 27. Feb 13, 08:27

please repost the ships. The downloads are not working I downloaded the ships in the past and loved them! I lost them due to harddrive failure. needlest to say I am trying to get then back. It seems people lost intrest in makeing stargate ship. cant wait for stargate to come back around just like startrek did.

for those that are haveing problems with xsp ships working in x3ap here is what i figured out. If you use plugin manager advance to import ships, import them into both x3tc and x3ap. not sure why it works but it has salved all the problems I have had!

If anyone has a copy of these ships especialy destiny please email them to me. thanks email <- Email address ->

I bet you can see I am a stargate fan just by my email lol

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Destiny ship

Post by EdgarWolff » Mon, 25. Mar 13, 01:08

hi, could someone help me to get the destiny ship, I really want then and the links are not working.
thank you, fly safe!

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Post by zombie-uk » Mon, 19. Aug 13, 17:31

I actually have most of the Stargate ships installed on my X3 Reunion game right now (Forgot to get the asgard ones after I first downloaded them.)

I left a message a few weeks back asking how to import installed custom ships that do not uninstall them but import them as you would a regular ship - textures/models and all along with infomation such as name, ingame description etc. I do alot of messing, tweaking about with custom ships in Cycrow's X3:R version of his Xplugin manager as the X3TC/AP version still will not show lists like weapons to use (they only show up as Lasergroup 1,2,3 and so on regardless of the amount of attempts to make them show up as their ingame names.)

Anyway, I really would like to make custom installed ships on my X3:R into XSP ship packages again. I located the core directory where the ships are installed (the Xplugin Manager folder right? where the Xplugin has its own .CAT & .DAT files which are originally used to export ships into the Ship creator?) Did it a few times exporting X3:R XTC ships when I first got X3:TC and wanted the XTM Valhalla instead of the reather pictuliar one Egosoft created.

Anyadvice to make installed custom ships into .XSP again? I did it before but the file only contained the info, no models, textures and was a few bytes large.
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Post by Tamao » Thu, 24. Apr 14, 18:33

Can you reupload the ships because I really want them in my game but all links are dead ...

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Post by Lt_Fairace » Sat, 24. May 14, 17:07

Hi, Does anyone of you still have the warlock and acclamator? can you send it to me pls/re-upload? :) :)

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Post by |K.O.S.H. » Wed, 19. Nov 14, 20:03

Lt_Fairace wrote:Hi, Does anyone of you still have the warlock and acclamator? can you send it to me pls/re-upload? :) :)
+1 :)
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Post by Lt_Fairace » Mon, 1. Dec 14, 13:52

Can someone really reupload the warlock? plsssssssss? :oops:

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Post by MacGyler » Fri, 27. Feb 15, 00:32

Gibt es denn inzwischen eine funktionierende Stargate Mod für X3 Terran Conflict bzw X3 - Albion Prelude Add on?????

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Post by pave_low » Fri, 27. Feb 15, 14:31

Not ONE of these links work!!!!!!!!

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broken link

Post by shanjoo » Tue, 25. Apr 17, 01:26

None of the ship links work. I really want to download the Destiny and her sister ships.

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Post by Neeros » Mon, 26. Jun 17, 22:29

I hope the ship links get redone at some point.

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Post by Weerab19 » Thu, 1. Feb 18, 10:40

the links don't work help

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 1. Feb 18, 22:16

After over five years of unanswered requests to reupload the files and the author's absence in this forum for a similar timeframe, I think this topic can be closed now.



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