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Post by lyonhaert » Tue, 30. Jan 18, 23:21

Well, that should be handled by cleaning up the AP version and putting it up, since it probably has accurate information (on either of them, please report anything inaccurate and I'll check it out). Cleaning up mostly involves cutting out all the Wayback Machine stuff.

Edit: A data audit is on the list because I know at least a little of the information is wrong. Like the TC info for the Pirate PBG forge's resources per hour is all wrong (not sure the Teladi version ever shows up in-game).
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Post by cdk » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 02:59

The moment I spotted (in this thread) that cool web archive version of the lost AP-OCC marked the point I ended up my 2017 X3 pass.
Nevertheless I "recoded" an apparantly offline working version of the OCC (which is now called *Offline* Complex Calculator :mrgreen:) for my own future purposes by stripping off suspicious parts (LOL) - and because I'm no software guy I did not really know what I did there. Unfortunately there was no more game based occasion for me to test it. But if you can use it feel free to do so.

At a first glance I'm missing nothing but the ice mines and to be true I'm not even sure if this is a vanilla X3:AP object since I played the (german) EMC mod for my last 2 passes...

If there'll be an improved version for my 2018' X3 pass I'll sure appreciate that!
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Post by lyonhaert » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 16:47

AP version is cleaned up without all the Wayback Machine stuff - along with some other simplifications I also made on the TC version such as ditching tinyurl generation. Curiously, the example complexes on the right on the AP version all link to the TC calculator, just like the original, so they probably need to be reconstructed for AP.

Plus all sorts of other things I noticed that I want to fix or improve. It can be better.

For now, reports of inaccurate data for the TC version I can peek into the game as best I can for corrections, probably, as long as the object(s) exist somewhere in the galaxy. Reports of inaccurate data for the AP version should be accompanied by corrections which I'll take at face value, because I haven't delved into AP at all yet.

TC: https://joelbfant.bitbucket.io/x3/x3tcocc.html

AP: https://joelbfant.bitbucket.io/x3/x3apocc.html
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Post by zazie » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 17:04

@ cdk and lyonheart: THANKS! Much appreciated.

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Post by lyonhaert » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 23:03

By the way, there are tinyurls all over the forum that point to the original domain for the calculators (altanetworks.com). If desired, one can still get the complex in that link by going to http://getlinkinfo.com and pasting in the tinyurl. It'll show the redirection link and one can copy everything from (and including) "?factories=" to the end and paste it at the end of the relevant calculator above. I don't think this worked with the Wayback Machine versions.

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