[MOD] IEX - AP/TC Sector Visual Enhancement - IEX 1.5b (27/07/2014)

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Post by WildDoktor » Sun, 14. Jan 18, 00:28

Yes...it works, and it's amazing! :)

Playing now...there goes the next 3 months of my life. :roll: :D

Thanks so much for your help Dreamer2008!

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Post by Vayde » Sun, 28. Jan 18, 21:54

Bit late to the party here but if memory serves, you can export your empire in LU, install this mod and then import your empire and IEX thinks its a new game start.
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Post by Whismerhill » Thu, 22. Mar 18, 10:42

pictures don't really do this mod justice, it just looks better while playing
and gives a great ambiance to sectors!
one of my preferred mods, even though I generally favor gameplay enhancements over graphics

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Post by Hariwulf » Sun, 1. Apr 18, 15:46

Please, could we get a version compatible with Mayhem 2?

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