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Newb Question

Post by terranfear » Sat, 27. Jan 18, 06:50

1) I did two escort and base defensive and killed pirates. I am in an ill equipped buster and cannot fight 5/6 pirates.

Is there anyway to make them leave? They are camping the station i'm at and won't leave, should I just scrap the file and start a new?

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Post by Hankyke » Sat, 27. Jan 18, 12:09

Umm, in a Buster? So topic in a wrong section of a forum.
What game you play? Cant you just boost away by not killing thous pirates if you cant?

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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 27. Jan 18, 16:01

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Post by fireanddream » Sat, 27. Jan 18, 16:11

Until the targets are killed or they are eliminated by local police, no.

That's why literally the first thing to do is upgrade your ship's speed.

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Post by Timsup2nothin » Sat, 27. Jan 18, 17:15

If the mission is a station defense the pirates should be interested in shooting at the station, not you, so unless you have done something to really get their attention you should be able to just fly away and leave them to it. You also should be able to take them one at a time while the rest attack the station, if you want, otherwise if you just leave it is most likely the police will get them and you'll get the reward anyway.
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Post by Triaxx2 » Sun, 28. Jan 18, 15:05

Early on, missiles are a worthwhile investment if you can get any spare cash. Wasps are swarm missiles with a good chance of killing a target if you can be patient and wait for them to fly straight at you. And even if the full swarm doesn't hit, one or two making contact is enough to slow them down with hull damage usually.
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