simple Help to find xml that contol HUD position

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simple Help to find xml that contol HUD position

Post by bioscmos303 » Sat, 13. Jan 18, 15:52

hi there

in what xmls (or connection) control the cockpit HUD position or colors ? (im new to xml mod)

im working on new ship and cockpit mod that have elements and objects i created with 3ds max.
all works and looks great and i already reposion player camera and other parts in:


but the cockpit Hud i cant find how to move it !
(i know the hud is part of the glass when i import the cockpit xml into 3ds max
but i dont whant to edit the vortex and polygons
all i need is some one tell me what xml control " ONLY THE HUD POSITION"

is it in ???
units_player_cockpit_1.xml ??
interiors_rooms_ar_albionskunk ??
or is it in ? - system\XGfx\viewer_cockpit.xml ???

busting my S could find it alone (even that im manage to learn alone more complicated editing i cant find this :( .. help

im sure its under my nose
about the mod im making: (mods authors read this)

the main goal is that we will have easy schema (even for new mod makers)
to move and control parts to make new ships easy that will not intervene with the original game files

I found way to import and "ADD"(or change if u need) new 3D models into the game that will never conflict with other XR source files.

done by - importing all parts of the ship, dronelaunchbay, cockpit, weapons etc as 3d and reposition them with 3dsmax.

the ship and cockpit im making is more about making a SOURCE mod for authors that want create new ships easy from external models imported into the game without to much scripts(but u can add if u need it will effect the new parts)

will be nice if some one want to help me find that xml who control the hud position I know its simple I just learning all by my self ... but cant find this one
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Post by UniTrader » Sat, 13. Jan 18, 15:59

if you mean the HUD Menus for like the Map and Property Overview then i think it was directly drawn on the Screen, not on some part of the CP. but maybe you can use the Middle Console instead? (has basically the same function as the HUD Menu, but rotates the Player View 90 Degrees)
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Post by bioscmos303 » Sat, 13. Jan 18, 16:04

no not the menu hud .. I need to change the hud reticle etc...
COCKPIT... the hud inside the cockpit ..

because if i use this in - units_player_cockpit_1.xml
it only move the player camera position inside the cockpit without the hud interface , the hud still stay at the original position..

<replace sel="/components/component[@name='units_player_cockpit_1']/connections/connection[@name='Connection040']/offset/position">
<position x="-1.9033812" y="0.2541494" z="-1.408868"/>

all i need is to reposirion the hud reticle interface to match the position

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