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Piracy Command

Post by Xcentric » Fri, 12. Jan 18, 00:21

I've returned to Albion Prelude, which I already enjoyed years ago. Now I'm stuck, as I'd like to board an Aran, but even if I have the pods, the marines, Cargo lifesupport, (ofc) unfocussed jumpdrive, I can't see in my Alternative commands the 'Piracy' one. I'd be grateful if anybody could give me suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 12. Jan 18, 12:04

If you're playing the Vanilla game, then the Piracy Commands becomes only available on TP, M6 or M7M class ships. Additionally, you will need the Fight Command Software Mk2 installed on the respective ship. Boarding pods can be used just like normal missies though, you don't have to go through the command console. You will need an M7M class ship (or a specific M6 class ship in X3AP) to fire them though. See this FAQ article for reference.
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