Gimballed vs Fixed weapons

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Gimballed weapons, manual aimed only vs auto?

Auto aim, but with option to aim manually if desired (Similar to previous X games)
Auto aim, no option to aim manually
No votes
No auto aim (similar to Star Citizen)
Some other option
Total votes: 93

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Post by Killjaeden » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 00:32

Morkonan wrote:It wouldn't be game-breaking, since they wouldn't be that much more powerful, but it'd be enough to reward players who learned how to dogfight well, if that was their thing. A player armed with a ship full of manual-aim Uber-Lazors, blasting enemies out of the sky with ease, at range, would be a "player proud of the game recognizing how skilled they were."
Designing weapons specifically for players is a bad idea when the rest of the universe has to use the same weapons just as well. Especially now, since the concept of a "playership" (the ship you always fly) is weakened by the use of the transporter. It would suck if you had a ship equipped with non-adjustable weapons, and if it was attacked while you didnt use it, get completely wrecked simply because npc's cant handle those weapons well.
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Post by Gazz » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 08:17

Yep. In X3 the AI does cheat, using that for all fixed cockpit lasers because they don't even have code to actually lead the target.
And I bet a lot of players don't even know. LOL
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Post by JClosed » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 19:50

I will not jump into this discussion, because I see both sides of the argument. I will only present my personal view.

I think Auto-Aim should stay as it is with X:Rebirth. I will say though, that (in my humble opinion) there is a huge difference between a Joystick and a Controller (like a XBox controller).

Aiming and shooting with a Joystick without Auto Aim works not that bad for me. For me the movement with a Joystick feels far more natural than with the mouse. I can spiral into an enemy while shooting very accurate at the same time.

However - Using a XBox Controller without Auto-Aim is in my case a sure receipt for disaster. I simply am not "wired" correctly to (fast) aim with that tiny Controller Joystick. If I try to do go into a dogfight without Auto-Aim I simply get slaughtered by even the weakest enemy.

I am simply used to use my whole hand for steering and aiming, while I use my fingers for targeting, firing and launching. And that's only possible with a "real" Joystick.

So - If I want to play with a Controller Auto-Aim is absolutely needed. And that's the reason it must stay (with the option, of course, to turn it off if not needed).

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Post by ezra-r » Wed, 10. Jan 18, 14:21

I'd have weapons aiming as it is already. Not something that needs fixing.

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Post by ajax34i » Wed, 10. Jan 18, 16:37

Personally I would like to suggest that you don't hard-code whether weapons are gimbaled or fixed. Specifically, I would like to see some of the fixed weapons become gimbaled if the game is played on the "easier" difficulty levels, and also if there's no joystick etc. (based on the controller used - have weapons become gimbaled for mouse control vs. fixed for joystick control for example).

Ideally, though, maybe you guys could offer "options" as far as the difficulty levels for the game, so we can, for example, choose to have the enemies have more hitpoints or do more damage but also choose the easier gimbaled weapons or less smart combat AI or whatever.

I always use a mod that widens the autoaim angle, too; even 15 degrees is too restrictive for my taste, I prefer about 35 degrees. This is because I suck actually flying and aiming, but still, I enjoy it and would like to play.

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