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Post by Mates31cz » Mon, 9. Oct 17, 15:51

Nice tnx for help

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Post by Deniskos » Tue, 9. Jan 18, 17:46

Thanks for the great work.
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Bombers won't launch missiles

Post by Corbid » Thu, 29. Mar 18, 09:32

I really want a wing of Gladiator bombers on my carrier but I can't get them to attack.
They have all the prerequisites required and launch using the Bombard command but they just fly to a position and then orbit it. If their target is destroyed they return to the carrier.

Going into the command console shows their foward turret is being controlled by CODEA and I have put them in hammer formation in the code of conduct.
They each have 18 tomahawks.

At a loss of what to do next...

For completeness each of the four bombers have:
1 Lieutenant
1 Mechanic
1 Technician
1 Scientist (I think an older version needed this)
Fight Software I & II
Nav Software
Cargo Life Support
Docking Computer
18 Tomahawks
2 PRG in rear turret set to missile defense

I am also running XRM, Enhanced Briefings and Bounce.

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Codea replenish tender command is grey out

Post by iqcomet » Sun, 1. Apr 18, 10:36

Hi, there
I am using X3TC XTC mod, got a Codea Fleet, everything is good, except the replenish tender, I tried EQ Dock, Shipyard, Spacedock as Homebase for an TM equip with the require software, and put fighter in the station, but still command is grey?
any ideas? thx

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Post by dolmastar » Sun, 20. May 18, 22:10

TL;DR: "no suitable ships issue"

Hi all,

I recently found out about the X Universe, bought X3:TC+AP, and just loved it for its complexity and depth. Soon enough got into mods but avoided CODEA because it just seemed too complicated. Anyhow, later downloaded that too, figured out the basics, and immediately came to the conclusion that this a critical mod for my playstyle.

However, this "no suitable ships found" thing just drives me crazy. I scanned the last 10-15 pages here but couldn't find anything related.

Anybody willing to share ideas? Greatly appreciated!

Some notes: the fighters have pilots, some follow the carrier and some are docked (just for variety, was hoping maybe CODEA would recognize some if not all), they all have at least one weapon, no forbidden equipment is installed, also did a clean install of both the games and the mods. Deleted all the other mods, only have "Waffensystem..", the lib zip, Lucike's scripts and also the cheat script (to test CODEA fast).

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Post by CloneSargaent » Mon, 23. Jul 18, 00:12

I don't if anyone else had this problem. For the years I have been using codea, I could not figure out why my fighters and other codea ships do not automatically start MDM after enbaling it in the code of conduct menu. Years later after gaining some understanding of the code I realized there was script call for an script that is only in the latest verison MDM that Lucike put out on his website here.

Fixes the issue of with codea ships not starting MDM automatically after enabling it in the code of conduct menu.

Also has anyone ever figured out how to get the whole 'kills get promotions faster' thing working? On the front page it says that:
The promotion

The promotion of a pilot depends on his overall time of duty, his kills and the class of ship he is flying. On ships of class M3, M4, M5 an M8 a pilot can be promoted up to the rank of a Lieutenant. On ships of class TS, TP, TM and M6 up to the rank of a Commander and on ships of class M7 up to Captain. Captains of ships of class M7 or M2 can get promoted to the rank of a Admiral after special accomplishments.

Personnel Overview

The personnel overview lists all personnel currently stationed on the carrier. While it does include all the fighter pilots, it also lists all pilots in the lounge (currently not assigned to any fighter) and members of the flight crew. Selecting a specific entry grants access to a detailed overview of the pilot or the crew member.

In this detailed overview you can also promote a Captain to a Admiral. Not every Captain can get promoted. He must be commanding a ship and he needs confirmed kills of at least 20 points.

Personnel Overview (Ace of Aces)
This option displays a kill ranking of all pilots. Selecting a specific entry will display a detailed performance report of the pilot.

Confirmed kills:
Confirmed kills is a performance index of the pilot’s kills. For every destroyed huge class ship, the pilots gains 5 points, 2 points for every big class ship and 1 point for every small class ship.
8/30/2018 Edit: Figured out why kills were not being counted and used as pilot exp. CODEA and the rest of Lucike scripts needed for CODEA need to be installed directly to TC or AP directory and not with plugin manger in order for Ace of Aces to function.

Tested a few old saves of XTC and XRM where I had installed CODEA and other Lucike scripts with Plugin manger uninstalled them and re installed by dropping the scripts and t folders into respective directories.


Had a new recruit and a petty officer both newly hired. Petty officer killed an M7 immediately leveled up to Ensign not much later he killed 3 M3s and another M7 leveled to Lieutenant.

The recruit killed 6 fighters of almost every class(M3,4,5) and leveled up to petty officer.

Both pilots had a flight time of 30 minutes.

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